Harvey Benge resizeFestival Patron 2010 - Harvey Benge 

"It was an honour to be asked and a pleasure to accept the invitatin to be patron for the Auckland Festival of Photography in 2010.  I have been involved with a number of photography festivals around the world and the commmon denominator that links them is always a lack of funds, more than compensated for by the organisers' amazing determination and passion to champion the photographic image.  The Auckland Festival of Photography is no exception.  Here, over seven years now, a lot has been achieved and Auckland is all the better for that.

But what is so special about this festival is its acknowledgement of photography's greatest strength, the fact that photography is the most democratic of all forms of visual expression.    We all have a view of the world, be it a 'baby picture' or high art, and the Auckland Festival of Photography celebrates that like no other I have seen."

Harvey Benge lives and works from both Auckland and Paris and has done so since 1992. His interest in the social landscape of cities and the idea of parallel lives produces his characteristic "strange pictures in cities" imagery. The main thrust of his work has been through published work, with seventeen books and editions published to date including: 2000, Aide-Memoire, Onestar Press, Paris; 2001, Lucky Box, A Guide to Modern Living, Dewi Lewis UK; 2003, First Ever Pictures of God, galerie Florence Loewy, Paris; 2005, Killing Time in Paradise, Schaden.com, Cologne and A Short History of Photography, Dewi Lewis UK. He also exhibits regularly in Paris and throughout Europe and has work in collections around the world. "One of the few photographers that today does as much for the poetics as for the philosophy of photography. " ..Markus Shaden


Patron GilFestival Patron 2008 - Gil Hanly

"I am honoured to be the patron of this amazing Auckland Festival of Photography. I applaud the choice of the Festival's focus on culture, identity, participation and artistic excellence.

With recent developments in technology, photography as a medium has become accessible to the masses. Most people have access to a camera now even if only on a cell phone, thereby contributing to the expansion of this Festival across some forty-three venues.

At this 2008 Festival, some of the many ways that people have chosen to display, comment, or document the world around us are in evidence. You the visitor can judge the effectiveness of those efforts in recording our distinctive culture, society and art."



MartiB&WPortraitFestival Patron 2007 - Marti Friedlander

 "Photography has played a major role in my life for over 50 years, and will continue to do so. Since working as a studio assistant in London in the 1950s, and producing my first New Zealand photographs in 1960, I have witnessed extraordinary changes in photographic technology and practice.

I am particularly pleased to see that these changes, together with developments in communication, have meant not only that photography is recognised today as a highly collectable art form, but also that it is now possible to present in New Zealand an exciting photographic festival of this scope and scale. I am honoured to be the first of the Auckland Festival of Photography's annual Patrons. And I am especially happy to promote its focus on culture, identity, participation, and artistic excellence".