The First City in History

St Paul St Gallery • 15 June - 15 July

Opens 5.30pm on Tuesday 14 June
Hours Mon - Fri 10-5pm, Sat 12-4pm
Where 40 St Paul St, Level 1, WM Building, AUT University
  09 921 9999 x 6820
Artists Fiona Amundsen
Theme Art

Fiona Amundsen's The First City in History is the second project in an ongoing series of works that address both site and the intangible cultural mechanisms - such as economics, politics and history - through which such sites are created.

Focused on Hiroshima around the area of the Peace Memorial Park, Amundsen says: "The project plays on the socio-cultural understanding of both site and photography - the former is linked to how photographs actually do reveal something about what they depict, while the latter is grounded in the notion that space itself is always 'cultural'."

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Image 1.jpg Resize Fiona Amundsen

      Fiona Amundsen. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.