Northart • 10 June - 16 June

Hours 10 - 4 Daily
Where Northart, Norman King Square (Opposite the Library), Ernie Mays Street, Northcote Shopping Centre.
  09 480 9633
Artists Sheryl Campbell
Theme Talking Culture

This piece is a "re-imagined" SlutWalk. It draws from the SlutWalk protest rally which began in 2012 where marchers protest about rapists using the excuse of women dressed provocatively as a defense. Recently women have marched at these rallies while dressed normally to reinforce that any aspect of a woman's appearance is no excuse for rape.

'Dolly' is a portrait of time and place and is also a convergence of every day life with the artificial world.

In my video ‘Dolly’ is carrying her sexualised look behind her as a shadow - whether she wants it or not it is part of how she is constantly viewed.

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Dolly; Sheryl Campbell


Screenshot - Dolly by Sheryl Campbell