2011 Programme


The Depot • 18 June - 30 June
12 - 5pm Mon, 10am - 5pm Tues -Sat, 10-4pm Sun
Stephen Perry's... subvertus... challenges traditional pictorialism in photography. The images force us to question how we look at familiar places and things. The banal and commonplace are imbued with unexpected drama and excitement.
Toi Ora Gallery • 3 June - 24 June
10:00am-4:00pm Monday-Friday
Fringe: "A marginal, peripheral or secondary part. Those members of a group holding extreme views: the lunatic fringe" - www.freedictionary.com/fringe. This exhibition captures and interprets everyday life on the 'fringe'of people living with mental illness.
Kumeu Arts Centre Inc • 18 June - 2 July
10am - 3pm Monday - Saturday
An open photographic exhibition... that is, open to members and non members alike...exhibiting both professional and amateur photographers.
Waitakere Central Library • 7 June - 28 June
9-8 Monday-Thursday, 9-5 Friday, 10-4 Saturday & Sunday
Writers, musicians, artists, politicians and people who have made a difference to the West are celebrated by photojournalist John Chapman in this series of intimate black and white portraits.
Landreth Cafe • 4 June - 26 June
6.30am - 4pm every day
Photographer Stuart Broughton browses the albums of amateur photographer Barbara Smith and discovers the art of living within. Hard work, high fun, and cocksfooting! - iconic images of 1950s rural life are revealed, just part of Barbara's story, and of ours.
Nathan Homestead Cafe • 7, 14, 21 - & 28 June
4.00pm to 4.30pm
Half-hour artist talks with Xavier Radic in the Cafe at Nathan Homestead. Enjoy these talks, with your questions answered.
Cafe’ Roy’s • 13 June - 1July
7.30am - 4pm Monday - Friday
A kaleidoscope of emotion and depth is captured and presented in a collection by budding photographers from the University of Auckland. With our display ranging from landscape and still life to adventure and portraiture, this exhibition entices you into the magic of photography.
shed^10 • 4 June - 14 June
10am - 4pm every day
Dance is movement. The gathering of momentum, and the ensuing aftermath, are intrinsic parts of movement. It is those moments that Kathrin Simon focuses on in her exhibition of images of dancers from leading dance companies like Black Grace and RNZB.
Projectspace - Corban Estate Arts Centre • 11 - 19 June
10am - 8pm daily
Images for Art presents over 40 images by Maarten Dijkstra and Sharyn Carter, exploring the wonders of wide open landscapes. Experience breathing space as you are transported to locations from Antarctica to Arizona. Artists talks-held in the Corban Estate Arts Centre Project Space in the Breathing Space exhibition: Monday 13th June 7pm Maarten Dijkstra will discuss his approach to photography. Wednesday 15th June 7pm Sharyn Carter offers insights into her photography.
Tindell Room; Lake House Arts Centre; • 3 June - 26 June
Mon-Fri 10am to 430pm; Sat & Sun 10am to 3pm
The NZ Body Art Awards celebrate the country’s prowess in the field of Body Art. Gino Demeer's work showcases the significant influence New Zealand has on Body Art across the globe. Each year artists converge on an extravaganza where the crème de la crème are honoured.
Leigh Sawmill Cafe • 3 June - 26 June
5-9 Thurs, 10am-late Fri-Sun
Artists Richard Smallfeild, Karen Williamson, Di Halstead, Sue Hill, Mary Moore, Jasmine Kovach, and Hannah Sutherland showcase their work.
The Packing Shed Cafe and Gallery • 3 June - 30 June
9am-4pm every day
Reflections of a blue community- a photographic essay by West Auckland photographer Marc McFadyen that captures the beauty of a migrant community in one of the world's largest cities, Shanghai, and deepens New Zealand's understanding of a nation with which ties are becoming stronger.
The West Coast Gallery • 11 June - 10 July
10 - 4 Thursday to Sunday
Emerging artist Tracey Baird evokes the ideals of childhood experience, fairytales and utopian dreams. Using Waitkere's scenic locations as back drops, Tracey constructs worlds by blending the real and unreal, creating spaces for reflection. Exhibition begins with an artist talk at 2pm, June 11th.
Abundance Art Gallery • 7 June - 3 July
9:30 - 5:00pm Tuesday - Sunday
Featuring the work of John Turner, lecturer at Elam School of Fine Arts, and Elam student Cordelle Feau. John takes a documentry approach and has been recording Te Atatu penninsula for many years. Cordelle’s work has a more photojournalistic feel, with an interest in different cultures and portraying emotion.
Republic Home • 31 May - 26 June
930am-530pm Mon-Sat, 1030am-430pm Sun & public holiday
El Final is a series of eight artworks by Beatrice Carlson combining different techniques on one subject...’la Corrida de Toros'. Beatrice blends technique and topic to create a story...multimedia gives poetry to her work.
Lopdell House (Upstairs Gallery) • 9 June - 3 July
10.00am - 4.30pm
With the primary subject of New Zealand's unique native trees, Rachel Mooney's exhibition is a foray into two different styles of natural time-lapse photography, from using a tripod at night, to the shorter daylight technique with motion, creating an abstract image.
Shed^10 • 17 June - 26 June
10am-4pm every day
Eight young photographic assistants formed the F8 group in 1992 and staged three group exhibitions in five years. All went on to forge successful careers. After 13 years apart, they are together again. After this much time you might say things have come 'full circle'.
Hum Salon Art Space • 2 June - 30 June
The Best of the ’never-meant-to-be’…Constantly taken accidentally and unintentionally. A slip of the finger during setting changes, or a scene captured with an unwanted flash, these photos demonstrate a more artistic side to the images that would otherwise have been discarded or deleted.
Douglas + Bec • 9 June - 23 June
11am-5pm Monday to Saturday. 11am-3pm Sunday
Four emerging artists...Michelle Beattie, Kieran Keat, Liesl Pfeffer, and Rebecca Snelling, Paul Statham and Andrew Dryden... bound by an aesthetic sensibility and sensitivity to everyday surroundings. All take different standpoints, but come come together to create dialogue between the artworks, the viewer and the artist.
The Digital Darkroom • 8 June - 26 June
10-6 Monday-Friday, 10-2 Saturday
Incurably digital. In Found and Given by Murray Noble and Johnny Quoll objects and visual references are transformed in a perspective developed through exploration, reflection and development of ideas and techniques.
City Dance • 3 June - 26 June
10.30am - 2.30pm Mon - Sat
Experience Fred Mans' unique photographic images in this exhibition where he has captured and created abstract figures of dance in motion. The images are not modified in any way, but they use windows, water, reflections and light as natural filters.
Fresh Gallery Otara • 13 May - 25 June
10-5 Tuesday -Friday, 8-2 Saturday
The first international solo exhibition by Larrakia (indigenous Australian) photographer Gary Lee. Lee’s portraiture photography captures male beauty... ’a concept that swims against the tide of conventional concepts of masculinity’- Jacqui Durrant, Art Monthly Australia #232. Gary Lee from noon - 2pm, Saturday 14 May
Northart Gallery 4 & 5 • 4 June - 22 June
10am - 4pm every day
Four contemporary photographers, Naomi Bell, Alex Burton, Helena de Kok and Abby Storey, explore the concept of the photograph as a visual poem. Each presents a selection of one-off images inspired by the Japanese poetry form of Haiku.
Stafford Road Wine Bar • 3 June - 27 June
4pm - 10pm Sun-Wed, 1pm -11pm Fri - Sat
The Auckland debut of Simona Turin's captivating photojournalism from India, Haiti and Latin America. Encounter a Peruvian milliner, an Ecuadorian farmer,a Brazilian addict. Realize the unexpected sensation of personal connection to unfamiliar people leading unfamiliar lives.
Cosset Cafe • 2 June - 26 June
7am-5pm Mon & Wed, 7am-10pm Thurs-Sat & 8am-6pm Sun
Since opening Cosset Cafe in June 2010 we have become aware of a new unrepresented pool of talent...our customers. Our walls are open to the creative talents of anyone who uses photographic media in Mount Albert.
The Kinder House Gallery • 5 June- 18 June
11am-4pm Tues,Wed,Sat; 11am-8pm Thurs-Fri
Identity is understanding. It's finding a common ground in which we can communicate with others through speech, sound, sight and even handwriting. This exhibition challenges a group of enthusiasts to examine their own identity and express themselves photographically.
School of Architecture and Planning • 4 June - 26 June
9am-5pm Monday-Friday
The University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning presents two photographic exhibitions by students of architecture: Imaging the City (studio Patrick Reynolds), and the Simon Devitt Prize for Photography.
Malcolm Smith Gallery • 27 May - 15 June
9am - 4pm Monday - Friday; 9.30am - 2pm Saturday
A series of images, created in camera, that present the photographer Brett Penlington’s love of nature. The images have an impressionistic style with subjects that range from the ancient Kaihikatea forests of the Whirinaki to coastal seascapes of both the east and west coasts.
Matakana Art Gallery • 3 June-26 June
10-3.30 Wednesday-Sunday
An exhibition showcasing some of New Zealand’s finest photographic artists. Their show endeavours to entice you back. Artists include: Ian MacDonald, Murray Savidan, Andrew Martin, Maria Krajcirovic, Di Halstead, Barbara Cope, Richard Collins & Paul Konings.
The Art Centre • 3 June - 27 June
& 11-4 Tue-Fri, 10-2 Sat, Sun, Mon
Helensville Art Centre is a quaint and historic building transformed into the creative heart of the Helensville community. Now showing works by various artists under the theme ’Moments’ . Moments are precious things, held in our hearts, our memories, our photographs.
Raffles College of Design and Commerce • 13 June - 1July
10:30am- 4:30pm Monday - Friday closed weekends
This body of work is created by the students and staff of Raffles College of Design and Commerce. It explores elements of commercial and fine art photography, and showcases the best of the next generation of visual image makers.
Apix Photographic Supplies • 30 May - 8 July
9am - 5pm Mon-Fri
Apix is happy to announce that they are showcasing four extremely talented photographers - Jocelen Janon (30th May-3 June); Ashley Daws( 8-14 June); Damien Nikora (16-22 June); Chris McLennan (24-8 July).
One2One Cafe • 1 June - 15 June
6.30am -5pm every day; late nights to 11pm Tues,Thurs,Fri
Images by James Marshall of local musicians performing at the Cafe on late nights.
Auckland Central Library • 12 May - 31 July
9-5 Monday-Friday, 10-4 Sat & Sun
"Q" - an exhibition celebrating the photography of Herbert R Tornquist and his associations with the Auckland art-workers’ collective, The Quoin Club.
Jason Books • 6 June - 25 June
10-5 Monday-Saturday
Are these the final days of the printed book? What is the destiny of the already-available electronic book? Will readers be able to browse in a virtual 'used' bookstore and happen on the unexpected? These images show book readers still browsing and reading in Jason Books, which has traded continuously in secondhand books in Auckland for 40 years.
Britomart Train Station • 3 June - 26 June
8am to 11 pm Monday - Sunday
We have infused cafe culture into our way of life. Cafes are our modern meeting houses, and for many, a safe haven away from the drudgery of daily life. Through the lens of Matthew Hawke, celebrate iconic Christchurch cafes as they were prior to the February earthquake.
Pearce Gallery • 7 June - 15 June
Mon - Fri 11-5pm, Sat 12-5pm
A showcase of recent work by Year Three Students from Whitecliffe College of Art and Design. This curated show will be a significant event for Auckland and an exciting opportunity for audiences to examine how young photographers engage with contemporary image culture.
projectspace B431 • 2 June - 18 June
11am-4pm Thursday-Saturday
Large format photography from Elam school 1976-2011, curated by Haruhiko Sameshima. Artists: Barrar, Boreham, Collie, Crisp, Glass, Harrison, Lowe, Macdonald, F. Pardington, N. Pardington, Reece, Roucher, Shannon, Shelton, Short, Starr, Takato, Todd & Tomlin.
Auckland Harbour Board Gallery • 3 June- 26 June
7am-6pm Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm Sat & Sun
A series of photos taken in the 1970’s by Sunil David Azariah. This exhibition includes photos from Bastion Point, Nambassa Music Festival, NZ musicians of the period and some interesting photos and night shots of Auckland.
Ella • 3 June - 20 June
12pm till late Tues-Sun
The Nine Collective is a group of New Zealand-based artists.The exhibition includes works by Jessica Stafford, Hannah Sutherland, Natalie Oliver-Pegrum, Erica O'Flaherty and Katie Sleeman. Many of the ideas and images cover all aspects of environment, both personally and politically.
The Lake House • 6 June - 19 June
10am-4pm Mon to Fri, 10am -3pm Sat & Sun
Eight women photographers have been meeting for three years to challenge their photographic styles, culminating in this group exhibition. They are Margaret Chatterley, Lynn Clayton , Stephanie Handley, Kay Hook , Libby Hitchings, Sandrina Huish, Nicki Maud & Jean Moulin.
Unitec Gallery • 9 June - 17 June
9am – 4pm Mon – Fri
This Night Never Sleeps is an intimate and eclectic retrospective look at the live music scene in Aotearoa spanning some fifteen years. “…the genre is an unforgiving mistress, first 3 songs, no flash, shooting in the dark…"
Te Karanga Gallery • 6 June - 15 June
12-6 Monday, 10-6 Tuesday- Saturday
Emerging female photographers Sophie Merkens, Emma Goodfellow, Sonja Gardien and Lauren Hahn examine nostalgic New Zealand childhood. Explored through fashion, documentary, pinhole and fantasy photography this exhibition forces the viewer to rethink.
High Tide Gallery • 1 June - 15 June
24 hours everyday
Drowning not waving. Technical issues prevented this show from being mounted in last year's Festival. It has been withheld from showing until this festival.
Miller’s Coffee Refreshment Room • 3 June - 26 June
7 30 - 12 30 Monday-Friday,
Guided by the rich history of Photography, Jocelyn Carlin moves from reportage to art projects with unflinching enthusiasm. Within the strictures of the 'photogram' inspired by Len Lye, she strives to capture the intangible - simple human life. This body of work is the newest addition to the greater project Likeness.
The Depot • 11 June - 30 June
12-5pm Mon, 10am-5pm Tues-Sat, 10-4pm Sun
Capturing the light and the sense of place, using simple forms and colour, Eva Polak's images display a personal response and feeling to the scene and invite the viewer to consider the subject in a new way.
The New Zealand Steel Gallery • 4 June - 25 June
9:30am - 4:30pm Mon-Fri, 9:30am - 2:30pm Sat
The Pukekohe Franklin Ccamera Club has been operating as one of the country's top camera clubs for over 58 years.This exhibition will showcase the finest selected imagery in a variety of different ways, to express the individuality, artistic creativity and excellence of the 40+ members.
Stanhope Road School • 18 June - 24 June
3 - 5.30 Mon- Fri, 10 - 4 Sat;
Year 1 - Year 8 students showcased. This exhibition reflects the spirit of who we are - our school, our surroundings, our people, seen through still photography, and moving projections, presented by our network.
Toi Gallery • 21 May - 2 June
11am – 3pm Daily
“Collective Eyes” is the 3rd annual exhibition of recent work by the 35 members of the Waiheke Collective – interpreting the Festival themes from 35 different viewpoints. Previous exhibitions have been very well received and have been of a very high standard.

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