Great South Road


Artstation Toi Tu • 13 May - 7 June

Closing Function - 5pm on Tuesday 3 June
9am - 5pm Mon-Fri, 9am - 4pm Sat
1 Ponsonby Road, Auckland
Tangent Collective

Great South Road stretches from central Newmarket to the red soil of the Bombay hills and beyond. Once, this arterial route was the main trunk line out of the city. The road weaves through volcanic cones and inlets, industrial parks, neighbourhoods and Rainbows End.

Moving away from the centre means taking a position on the fringe.
This territory offers complexities and challenges. Photography does not offer truisms or objective realities here; rather a series of fragments, second glances, double takes.

Photographers have been invited by Tangent collective to respond to this territory in ways that reflect their own varied practices.

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