Nothing Anywhere


Elam Projectspace • 9 June - 20 June

5:30pm Tuesday 9 June
9am-5pm Mon-Sun
Ground Floor, Main Fine Arts Building, Whitakker Lane
Andrew de Freitas

‘Nothing Anywhere’ represents a selection from de Freitas’ ongoing photographic project Syzygies, a series of 35mm photographs congenitally following the time pattern of a lunar month and distributed digitally. The project also acts as a synthesizer and register for other aspects of de Freitas’ studio practice and film production.

Here photography is constituted more as an activity than a medium. The project consists in taking photographs rather than presenting them, and the images take on meaning through their relationship to one another and the passing of time. ‘Nothing Anywhere’ draws from 6 months of color negatives printed on light-sensitive paper.

DISCLAIMER: These photographs represent works from the ongoing series, but the precise selection of images and information on the individual photographs is not definitive yet.

photo-1 copy

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