Lithuanian Photography

Northart • 1 June - 17 June

Opens 4pm on Sunday 31 May
Hours 10am-4pm Mon-Sun
Where Norman King Square, Ernie Mays Street, Northcote Shopping Centre
  09 480 9633
Artists Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, Edis Jurcys & Donatas Stankevicius
Theme Exhibitions

Presented by Kaunas Photo Festival, Lithuania. Three contemporary artists from Lithuania approach photography from the air, sea and street.

Mindaugas Kavaliauskas “travel'AIR “ The work started in 2005. Decades ago considered luxury, today, flying is as usual as taking a bus. It is routine, but constantly reveals new facets. It joins up space and time; advertising images become reality, ease, comfort meets fatigue, stress, luxury tawdriness, and dreams crash into reality.

Edis Jurcys "Crossing waters" “I love observing the people around me, especially when travelling on a ferry boat, the allure of strangers. When I take photographs I try to capture everything I see, details, reflections in windows, water and seagull, are part of the journey between two shore lines.”

Donatas Stankevicius “Old Drivers” This project, started in 2013, recreates these scenes as photographic stills of imaginary films. Each character has over 50 years of driving experience is photographed on his own; in solitude, away from the bustle of the real city.

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Mindaugas Kavaliauskas; travel'AIR

Mindaugas Kavaliauskas “travel'AIR" - En route to JFK

Edis Jurcys; Untitled

Ferry - Untitled by Edis Jurcys

Northart - Lithuanian

Old Drivers by Donatas Stankevicius