Nothing Lost


Corban Estate Arts Centre • 22 May - 21 June

6pm on Thursday 21 May | Artist talk 11am Saturday 30 May
10am-4:30pm daily
2 Mt Lebanon Lane, Henderson, Auckland 0612
Lisa Benson, Joyce Campbell, Adam Custins, Darren Glass, Dane Mitchell and Layne Waerea. Curated by Kathryn Tsui

Photography’s ability to capture moments in time and place is explored in this exhibition.

'Nothing Lost' features the work of artists that often portray the alchemical and technical act of image making itself while at the same time recording the impermanence of the subject in view. This approach is realised through a broad range of photographic methods and the exhibition includes; Darren Glass’ custom built pin hole camera prints, a new series of ecological and metaphorical landscapes shot on Joyce Campbell’s Hasselblad camera, Dane Mitchell’s microscopic photographs of minute pieces of body matter, Lisa Benson and Adam Custins’ immortal images made with film and paper stock that develop over time and Layne Waerea’s Chasing fog project compiled of uploaded digital films.

FREE Artist talk - 11am Saturday 30 May 

Saturday Gallery Club #5 –Optical photography studio 10.30am-12pm Saturday 13 June - FREE
Kids bring a digital camera or device to take experimental images in our optical photography studio set up with lenses, kaleidoscopes, filters, magnifying glasses and more. Although there is no need to book, participation is limited by space.

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