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Silo 6 • 2 June - 20 June

1030am - 430pm
Silo Park, Wynyard Quarter
Arthur Ou

Artist's statement - "Through photography, one of the recent concerns in my practice deals with notions of the landscape as an artificial phenomenon. The urge to photograph the sea grew stronger after I relocated to NY from California some time ago, which also arise from the desire to picture an entity that I consider a connecting force between the two places — California and Taiwan — that I consider my "homelands." These photographs also extend to the interest in some of the specific sites where key modernist photographic works were made, though at the same time wanting to disrupt the clichéd beauty that comes from representing the sea. The black calligraphic areas in these seascapes are deliberate disruptions become decorative elements that directly obstruct an illusionistic view of the photographed scenes."

Arthur Ou

Arthur Ou, Test-Screen(Pt Reyes), 2013

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