Unchained Melody


Two Rooms • 31 May - 6 July

6:00pm on Thursday 30 May
11:00 - 5:00 Tues - Fri & 11:00 - 3:00 Sat
16 Putiki Street, Newton
Conor Clarke

A repeated motif runs throughout Clarke's imagery: water in all its myriad forms. Resulting from her 2018 residency at Tylee Cottage, Whanganui, Clarke has integrated two new media to her practice - sound and moving image. Although her sound recordings are synced with two video works, they permeate the space, the sound of water flowing from a range of sources that contribute to the city's soundscape. These include storm water drains, the wastewater treatment plant, decorative water features and a dam; creating a collective ‘typology’ of the waters that flow throughout everyday Whanganui life, blurring the boundaries between what is considered natural and what isn't.




Two Rooms Gallery

Hands by Conor Clarke


Hands by Conor Clarke

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