December 2014

Asia Pacific Photoforum

APP Group Angkor 2014

The annual meeting of member Festivals of the Asia Pacific Photoforum took place last week at the Angkor Photo Festival in Cambodia.

New Festivals that joined include Higashikawa International Photography Festival, Japan, Obscura Festival of Photography, Penang, Malaysia and Shimmer Photography Biennale, Australia. From left to right: Jessica Lim, Francoise Callier, Angkor, Julia Durkin, Elaine Smith, Auckland, Ryan Libre, Chiang Mai, Aki Kumusoto, Hiroko Yoshizato, Curators, Higashikawa Bunka Gallery, Jeff Moorfoot, Ballarat and Vig Nachname, Penang. This is the heartbeat of the Asia Pacific Photoforum, representing professional photography festivals across Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Guatemala, Japan, New Zealand and Thailand. The Festivals have a combined audience of over 1 million people and there are 8 annual Festivals and 5 Biennales. More here -

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October 2014

The 2015 Festival dates -  28 May to 20 June 2015. 

Theme -2015 Curated programme.

By invitation of the Auckland Festival of Photography Trust, the theme for 2015 is Truth & Fiction.

Truth and fiction in photography are not dichotomous but exist at opposite ends of the same continuum of subjectivity. With documentary photography at one end and digitally constructed realities with no real world referent at the other there is much overlap in between the documentary and art photography genres and shifting amounts of truth and fiction in every photograph. Because we recognise and accept photography’s ability to truthfully represent reality - not wholly objectively but more effectively than any other medium - we can also enjoy when photographers manipulate this property of photography to create fiction. 

The Truth & Fiction programme will include the Talking Culture Symposuim and our annual fine arts commission exhibition. There will be international work alongside NZ work in a three week long curated programme of the finest photography the region has to offer.

For Signature and Fringe exhibitions expressions of interest are now open until 30th January 2015. These shows will not be part of the themed programme and are open to any subject.

NEW Terms and Conditions for inclusion in the Fringe.

Please enjoy our new promotional video for Nikon Auckland Photo Day, a day in the life of our city. 24 hours to show the diversity of our lives! Please like and share

September 2014

Kaunas Photo Panel

Auckland Festival of Photography was delighted to have its Director, Julia Durkin, invited to attend the Kaunas Photo Festival in Lithuania. The photo shows the panel discussion and here is a video about the Portfolio Reviews showing the event in full swing -

June 2014

Nikon 2014 Auckland Photo Day winner  

The winners of the Nikon Auckland Photo Day 2014 competition have been announced. More than 1000 entries were received this year, adding to a unique archive of more than 11,000 images taken of Auckland and its communities since the annual June event first took place in 2004’s Auckland Festival of Photography.

Dave Barker; Time for a Fag

2014’s winner is Dave Barker’s image Time for a Fag which shows a newly-wed couple relaxing at the water’s edge. Judges praised the top photograph for its “fortuitously captured and intriguing moment bathed in a golden light - a photograph that asks questions of the people, customs, traditions and consumption. It’s brilliant because of the multiple readings that can emerge from this single image. A split world of idealism versus reality.” 

Nikon Auckland Photo Day starts at midnight tonight 7th June - take a photo in Auckland region and send it in here, anyone can enter for free. 24 hours.