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Welcome to Festival Zone for July 2014. We are pleased to announce the winner of the Peoples Choice photo for our Nikon Auckland Photo Day......

Mirjam van Sabben; Through Fire and Water

Mirjam van Sabben - Through Fire and Water For You

Peoples Choice winner

We are delighted to announce this year's Peoples Choice winner is Mirjam van Sabben with her photo "Through Fire and Water For You" taken at Piha beach. Mirjam said to create the image she used a technique which involved her husband standing in the stream with a dog lead, egg beater and wire on the end as the light generator, whilst she took multiple shots. Mirjam wins a wi-fi capable Nikon S9700 Coolpix camera. Congratulations to a great creative partnership.

Prize giving 1st place Nikon Auckland Photo Day 2014

Nikon 2014 winner prize

Greg Olesen, Technical Service Manager, Nikon and Dave Barker, winner of the D5300 camera 1st prize. 2014 Prize winners here.

Auckland artist has diplomatic sales

Joe Sheehan; ScreenshotNo1
Joe Sheehan - Screenshot#1 2014 - courtesy of Tim Melville Gallery
Auckland Festival of Photography is delighted for Joe Sheehan at Tim Meliville Gallery in Newmarket, who has four of his works destined for diplomatic posts in France and Myanmar. MFAT (Foreign Affairs) acquired 4 works for the NZ Government Collection, 2 for our NZ Embassy in Paris and 2 for the Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar.
The exhibition was part of the Signature programme of the annual Festival.Traditionally images of greenstone have been bound to either commercial, political or cultural values. In Sheehan’s new imaginative space these limitations are removed; his photographs explore new ways by which ‘greenstone as an image’ can operate as artistic expression. Rather than being photographs of carved stones these works are images of projected light.
Tim Melville says "The show was a risky one in that Joe is a sculptor, not a photographer. But, in collaboration with Nigel Gardiner, he was able to make a series of extraordinary photographs.The photographs have a mysterious ambiguity about them … the viewer isn’t quite sure what he's looking at … macro or micro … Hubble Telescope photographs of the universe or (perhaps) images of cell-division under a microscope"
John Hurrell wrote a terrific review on eyecontact  http://eyecontactsite.com/2014/06/joe-sheehans-mysterious-photographs

Donations towards the Auckland Festival of Photography 2015

We are a registered charitable trust that develops and grows with the support of grants, sponsors and donations. We want to keep the Festival free to the public and open to participation by everyone, so we are seeking donations to support the next 2015 Festival - all donations are tax deductible, donate now here - any amount from each of you will help us heaps!

Auckland Photo Blog

Leo Guan; Amazing picture

July 2014 is an Open theme. Send in up to 9 entries per photographer this month. June was Festival month and we had some good entries, this was the Photo of The Month, congratulations to Leo Guan, with his "Amazing picture I saw at the Festival". This child's wonder at what she is seeing is captured beautifully at the exhibition of Datong Pang at the Aotea Center. Many VIP's attended this exhibition from China, including Raymond Huo Labour List MP, Dr Jian Yang National List MP, Chinese Consul-General Mr Zhang Heqing, as well as Mr Zhang Tongsheng, vice president of China Photographers Association from Beijing flown from China for it. Thanks to Jim He, MNZM for organising this on behalf of the Festival.

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