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Media Releases 2016

APRIL 2016 - Media Release - Auckland Caught in The Cloud

Media Releases 2015

P J Paterson is going to Pingyao International Photography Festival - D-Photo on Kate van der Drift work in the Festival signature programme.

Ocula Magazine talk to Anne Noble about the exhibition No Vertical Song on at Two Rooms

Weekend Magazine NZ Herald was a feature on The Imperial Body by Fiona Amundsen at Gus Fisher Gallery.

D Photo on Facebook continues it's Festival coverage with Kate van der Drift at Sanderson Gallery in Newmarket.

The Eye of Photography feature writer Alison Stieven-Taylor has covered this year's Signature exhibitions,

Read The Eye of Photography interview PJ Paterson about the Annual Commission

More on the Sydney interview when Alison Stieven Taylor talked to Julia Durkin, Public Participation Director about the what feeds the Festival programme and audience generation.

Great to see the May Photo of the Month by Paul Craze from our Auckland Photo Blog featured too! - Simon Devitt Prize winner Elena Lochore-Ward

Radio NZ - Leon Rose on his show at Whitespace.

NZ Herald on Emma Badeia - We Play Rugby on Saturdays

Photojournalism Now talks with Festival Director, Julia Durkin, plus features on Fiona Amundsen, Peter Evans, Murray Lloyd, Sandra Chen Weinstein

TV3 News website - Magnum's Thomas Dworzak talks about war and playing with reality

Kim Hill interviews Alison Stieven-Taylor about the Future of Photojournalism

TV3 News website - Business - Festival turns lens on Photobooks

Elsewhere blog - Life in The Lens

Waiheke Blokes open up for photography

Photojournalism Now interview with P J Paterson, features on Anne Noble, Lay of the Land and Maria Kapajeva

Pukukohe - IHC photo and video show

TVNZ P J Paterson talks about his work Tues 26 May - Good Morning show

Anne Nobles wins 31st Higashikawa Award in Japan - D Photo

Scoop - Truth & Fiction 

Pro Photographer - Lay of The Land, Magnum Workshops and PJ Paterson Annual Commission

North & South - May issue - Choice Events - Footie photography Magnum Offside Brazil

The Photographers Mail - March 2015 - Magnum Workshops come to Auckland

North Shore Times 3/4/2015 - Festival director talks Takapuna lifestyle

D-Photo - Apr/May 2015 James K Lowe, Annual Commission 2012,  Magnum workshops and PJ Paterson Annual Commission 2015

Tanu Gago published on The Guardian

The Big Idea - Truth & Fiction

National Radio - Your Song - Julia Durkin, Public Participation Director

Truth & Fiction leads 100 events & exhibitions  -  2015 Festival Programme Announced