The Auckland Festival of Photography is open to programming any exhibition created through the medium of  photography. We encourage festival participation from all levels of exhibitors including dealer galleries, private and public venues, individual artists and community groups. We aim to make festival participation as barrier free and inclusive as possible, in order to reflect and represent the diverse populace and points of view within Auckland.

The 2015 Festival dates -  28 May to 20 June 2015. 

Theme -2015 Curated programme.

By invitation of the Auckland Festival of Photography Trust, the theme for 2015 is Truth & Fiction.

Truth and fiction in photography are not dichotomous but exist at opposite ends of the same continuum of subjectivity. With documentary photography at one end and digitally constructed realities with no real world referent at the other there is much overlap in between the documentary and art photography genres and shifting amounts of truth and fiction in every photograph. Because we recognise and accept photography’s ability to truthfully represent reality - not wholly objectively but more effectively than any other medium - we can also enjoy when photographers manipulate this property of photography to create fiction. 

The themed programme will be planned to include Talking Culture Symposuim, and our annual fine arts commission exhibition. There may be international work alongside NZ work. A 3 week long curated programme including the finest photography the region has to offer and featuring a suite of exhibitions.

Festival programme for 2015 is now closed for expressions of interest. Dates and details for 2016 will be announced in September 2015.

Signature Programme.

The signature programme is curated by the Auckland Festival of Photography Trust and team and exhibition inclusion is by selection and at the Trust's discretion.

The Signature programme is planned to include the very popular events like Festival Tuesday, Auckland Photo Day and the newly introduced digital Future Projections alongside destination exhibitions by well-known NZ photographers.

If you represent photographers who are due for or are planning an exhibition of their work during June then you need to send an expression of interest and provide an overview of the artist and their work. Try to schedule the exhibition within the festival timeframe - in June, starting Queen's Birthday weekend for three weeks.

Exhibition duration can vary from three weeks, two weeks to a weekend special event and can include an artist's or curator's talk under the Talking Culture banner. Shows which start more than two weeks out from the Festival start date (i.e before 18 May 2015 )will be included in the Fringe programme.

You will need to register your interest to be part of the Festival with us by the end of January each year. All who have registered with us and have confirmed with us their exhibition details by 30th January 2015 and have been selected for the signature programme will be forwarded a link to our programme submission form. You must complete this form by the due date and you must send us all your exhibition promotional details - including text, promotional exhibition photos and logos. These are usually needed by mid February. Festival programme for 2015 is now open.

See FAQ for guidelines for Festival entry. Exhibitions across the Auckland Region (Franklin, Papakura, Manukau, Waitakere, Auckland, North Shore, Rodney) for 2015 should be forwarded to . Festival programme for 2015 is now closed. Call the Festival Office on 09- 307-7055

Fringe Programme - Independent artists, collectives, clubs or community groups.  

During the 2011 Festival we strengthened our open access, community and artist driven exhibitions which have been the cornerstone of the Festival since it's inception in 2004. The Fringe programme is an ideal vehicle for photographers to showcase their work alongside the curated signature shows and for visitors to view new photographic works by emerging artists beside established Auckland and international photographers. Participation in the Fringe programme is by agreement between photographers and venues and the Festival Trust. There are no barriers to participation based on experience, background, or style. Entry is open to all photographers who can pull together an exhibition. As with the previous Festivals' overall programme, the new Fringe programme is expected to provide an eclectic mix of work.

The support for the annual Festival has grown significantly since 2004. Audience numbers across the regional exhibitions and events were 56,000 in 2014 a magnificant increase of around 20% on 2011, and website viewers numbered over 50,000 in 12 months to end Sept 2014.

Fringe priority is given to first-time exhibitors. The Festival reserves the right to select the final exhibitions from the registered submissions.

Please note that any individual, association, organization or group can only have one Fringe exhibition listing in the programme.

We encourage exhibitions from any individuals and collectives. These groups and individuals must locate a space to exhibit and follow the same process for submission as the galleries and venues.  Do you need a Gallery to be in the Festival? Not really, the Festival encourages the use of public spaces or any alternative venue and since our first Festival in 2004 photographers have shown their work in a variety of non gallery spaces including:

  • A swimming Pool
  • Libraries
  • Bowling Clubs
  • Shop Windows
  • Billboards
  • Projection onto buildings
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Online web based
  • Schools
  • Educational Institutes
  • Artist collectives spaces
  • CBD Foyers
  • Migrant Resource Centre
  • Retail Outlets
  • Alliance Francaise
  • Cafes
  • Community Centres
  • Dance Studios
  • a Bus stop
  • Church Hall

All these types of alternative venues would require a bit of research. We suggest you approach the spaces and venues directly. Photographic visual arts in the community are encouraged by the Festival, as part of our participation strategy which provides for interventions in our urban environment and the landscape through photography.

Contact  to register your interest or phone the Festival Office on 09-307-7055

The Festival Fringe programme for 2015 is now open for registration and confirmation. Closes 30 January 2015.

The Festival does not provide any direct financial assistance to venues, galleries or artists. We are however happy to provide letters of support for funding applications by venues and artists.