Peter Peryer - Other

Gus Fisher Gallery • 4 May - 23 June

Opens 5:30 pm on Friday 4 May
Hours 10am - 5pm Mon-Fri, Noon - 4pm Sat
Where Gus Fisher Gallery, Kenneth Myers Centre, 74 Shortland St, Auckland Central
  09 923 6646
Artists Peter Peryer
Theme Exhibitions

Featuring a selection of portraits, this exhibition highlights the intermittent yet prolific periods of portrait photography that Peter Peryer has completed.

Showcasing work from 1977 through to 2011, the photographs are unusual within the artist's oeuvre as they include sitters taken from beyond his family realm, hence the title Other. The exhibition illuminates Peryer's approach to the human form, offering single portraits that are intricately planned and characterised by an enticing quality of mystery. While his later portraits are more tightly cropped and are often set against a blank backdrop, there remains a perceptible thread of stillness and mystery that runs through the entirety of the show.

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Peter Peryer; Diana Bagnall 1984

Diana Bagnall 1984. Peter Peryer.