2014 Programme


Sanderson Contemporary Art Newmarket • 4 June - 15 June
10-6 Mon-Fri, 10-4 Sat-Sun
Kevin Capon is an artist that uses photography to unravel particularities and conflicts in the pursuit of image-making. His oeuvre builds toward an enigmatic archive that describes human anxieties and the fading glory of modernity. Household objects and awkward figures become examples to illustrate noteworthy familial and societal phenomena.
Northart • 31 May - 15 June
Mon-Sun 10-4
Ans Westra is exhibiting colour prints from her latest book ' Our Future Nga Tau ki Muri' plus a selection of vintage black and white images. The exhibition is presented in association with {Suite} Gallery, Wellington.
Silo 6, Silo Park • 29 May - 17 June
1030am - 430pm Daily
At age 12, Ayala Gazit learned she had an older brother in Australia. Her yearning to one day meet him would end in tragedy as ultimately he committed suicide. Eventually Ayala did travel to Australia to connect with her brother’s family and his enduring memory, “following the traces and echoes of one’s existence after his passing”.
ELAM George Fraser Gallery • 5 June - 21 June
11am - 4pm Wednesday - Saturday
An exhibition of photography by Bronek Kozka featuring several landscapes taken at Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. Standing in the bitter cold looking to a foggy horizon and seeing what looked like columns, but they were chimneystacks for as far as I could see. One chimney, one hut...the magnitude of the horror dawned on me at this moment.
nkb Gallery • 4 June - 24 June
Tuesday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm. Monday & Saturday 10am - 4pm, After Hours: By appointment.
Becky Nunes: Co-orbital The subject that both proposes and supports this body of work is the bounded area that divides the south from the north of the city, and is itself cut through with roads and other infrastructure.
Corban Estate Arts Centre • 23 May - 22 June
10am - 430pm Daily
‘Dance of the seven veils’ brings together recent photographs and video works centered on the figure of ‘Salome’ - a fictitious character Kihara’s has been performing since 2002.
ELAM Projectspace Gallery • 11 June - 21 June
11am - 4pm Wednesday - Saturday
Emil McAvoy's study at Elam coincided with his mother Susan Sayer's diagnosis of dementia. People with dementia are often given increased exposure to family photographs to aid their declining memory. McAvoy's 'Dr Lily Pond' (2013), drawn from Susan’s photographs, features an enlarged studio portrait in her doctoral university garb.
Vero Centre • 29 May - 30 June
9-5 Mon-Fri
This touring exhibition showcases the highest scoring awarded photographs (gold, silver and bronze) from the 2013 New Zealand Institute Professional Photography iris Awards. This is the finest work by New Zealand's leading professional photographers, students and assistants, judged across 7 different categories
Depot Artspace • 24 May - 12 June
12-5 Mon, 10-5 Tues-Sat, 11-3 Sun
‘Flowers, in art, are usually less innocent and more complicated than might be imagined…’ [1] They ‘…are privileged objects of the imagination not because they are the most beautiful but because they are the most imaginable.’
Pah Homestead, • 10 June - 3 August
Tue-Fri 10am - 3pm, Sat-Sun 10am - 5pm, closed Mon
Glenn Jowitt achieved international prominence in the 1980s with his landmark publication Images Pacifiques/Pacific Images – a book of spectacular photographs of Pacific Island people, published in two editions 1982-1988. The photographs were first exhibited at Auckland City Art Gallery in 1983, and again in Paris in 1986.
Gus Fisher Gallery • 30 May - 28 June
Tues-Fri, 10-5pm, Saturday 12-4pm
In the Pacific body adornment such as human hair, feathers, and ivory visually expressed social standing and thus were reserved for elite. In this exhibition, Grills, the gold plating of teeth (niko koula) is related to raising social status. Changing motivations situate nifo koula within the materiality of body adornment in the Pacific. Nifo koula has become an expression of identity for Tongan’s living in diaspora.
Northart • 3 June - 18 June
10am - 4pm Daily
Auckland Festival of Photography presents this exhibition, direct from Sydney, in partnership with Head On Photo Festival, as part of a cultural exchange between partner Festivals in the Asia Pacific Photoforum. Head On Portrait Prize is one of Australia’s largest and most respected photographic portraiture events and a pivotal part of Sydney's annual Head On Photo Festival.
Gus Fisher Gallery • 6 June - 28 June
Tues-Fri, 10-5pm, Saturday 12-4pm
A forty-year history of the PhotoForum organisation, with an accompanying book.
Two Rooms Gallery • 6 June - 12 July
11-6 Tues-Fri, 11-3 Saturday
The enigmatic wit and ambiguity of Webb's fictions expolit and retain tihe inherent honesty and authenticity of the photogrpahic medium, providing an unsettling tension where artifice and the rudimentary wrestle with illusion and reality.
White Studios • 30 May - 8 June weekends only
Friday May 30 - Sunday June 1st 10:30am -5pm. Saturday June 7th - Sunday June 8th 1030am-5pm
Exhibition of personal works by NZ's leading advertising photographers. 50% of exhibition sales go to a fundraising project.
Nathan Homestead • 23 May - 15 June
9 - 5 Mon - Fri, 1 - 4 Sat - Sun
Suzanne Tamaki, Sarah Hudson, and Rachael Rakena present images that 'eyeball' the viewer. Challenging generations of stereotypes the subjects impress with their integrity, singularity of vision and leadership qualities as expressed by the artists. Influenced by their own experiences and political framework within the parameters of their own practice of photographic media the artists explore aspects of indigenous portraiture.
Mezzanine Gallery, Art Matakana • 29 May - 20 June
10:00am - 4:00pm Wed to Sun
Ian Macdonald, Richard Collins, Richard Smallfield, Di Halstead, Lieve Van den Bosch, Murray Savidan, Maria Krajcirovic, Andrew Martin, Charles Wrigglesworth, Karen Williamson, Sue Hill, Davina Monds, Garry Currin, Barbara Cope
Silo 6, Silo Park • 29 May - 17 June
1030am - 430pm Daily
With a history of more than 600 years, Kunqu Opera is known as the “mother of Chinese dramas”, and considered an “orchid” in this field. In Chinese culture, “orchid” is recognized as elegant, neat, and clean; together with plum flower, bamboo, and chrysanthemum, they represent Chinese people’s interpretation on the traditional “culture of elegancy”.
ELAM Projectspace Gallery • 28 May - 7 June
11am - 4pm Wednesday-Saturday
Memories Enclosed...Handle with Care plays with the notion of family photography and memory as the primary means in which a family describes itself. The exhibition reflects upon utopian notions of family life perpetuated by social ideals and conventions presented to us through family traditions and media industries and explores the inadequacies of conventional family photography to describe the reality of family life.
Auckland Region • 7 June
24 hours
Nikon Auckland Photo Day is an open access public competition run over a period of 24 hours. For one day only, 24/7, photographers in Auckland are asked to capture an image which reflects their Auckland. If the photo is good enough to show your friends and family - your built-in audience - it might be good enough to win 1st Prize in Nikon Auckland Photo Day.
Aotea Gallery • 29 May - 20 June
10am - 5pm Daily
With more than 1 million photographs shared via the Internet every day, the world of photography is undergoing tremendous change. And so, for it's 34th anniversary, the worldwide Nikon Photo Contest exhibition is coming to Auckland in June 2014. This is a meaningful and celebratory achievement for us as hosts at the Auckland Festival of Photography of this Nikon Photo Contest award-winners exhibition.
Gow Langsford Gallery Kitchener St • 28 May - 21 June
10 - 6 Mon-Fri, 10-4 Saturday, 12-4 Sunday
To coincide with the Auckland Festival of Photography Gow Langsford Gallery will host two photography exhibitions at their Kitchener St gallery.
Hum Salon • 4 June - 17 June
7.30am - 6pm Mon - Fri, 10am - 7pm Sat - Sun
For over half a century, thousands of life-weary Japanese have made one-way trips to Aokigahara Jukai, Tokyo based, award winning British photographer and writer Rob Gilhooly’s haunting, contemplative photographs depict sprawling woodland near the foot of Mount Fuji. It is a dark place long associated with demons in Japanese mythology — and one that has earned itself the unfortunate appellation of “Suicide Forest.”
Tim Melville Gallery • 4 June - 21 June
11-6 Mon-Fri, 11-3 Saturday
As with all photography Sheehan's works are about catching light. The images’ source materials - carved jade slides - have been worked by hand to create visual effects that simultaneously read as vast immersive landscape and deft computer manipulation.
Anna Miles Gallery • 4 June - 28 June
11-5 Mon-Fri, 11-4 Saturday
Street photography from this minute and long ago. Exhibition includes new work by Allan McDonald, Edith Amituanai, Solomon Mortimer and artists showing at the gallery for the first time.
Silo 6, Silo Park • 29 May - 17 June
1030am - 430pm Daily
Memory - “Art is not only white space gallery, it is also public places, railways stations and restaurants. It is a very important thing”. So says Japanese performance artist and photographer Tatsumi Orimoto who, in caring for his elderly dependent mother with Alzheimer’s, has made this daily routine a whimsical art experience filled with humour and compassion.
Two Rooms Upstairs Gallery • 6 June - 12 July
11- 6 Tues-Fri, 11-3 Saturday
Working from an interest in the documentary photography of transient artwork of the past the resulting constructed photographs recreate and re-site fleeting artworks and events. A particular focus is on the Xiamen Dada Group’s happenings from 1986. While in Beijing, on a residency, Woods researched how the beginnings of contemporary art evolved there and became fascinated by the group, who were an important part of the avant-garde 85' Wave Movement in China.
Fresh Gallery Otara • 6 June - 19 July
10am - 5pm, Tues-Fri, 8am-2pm, Sat
The Suburban Floral Association is primarily the collaborative enterprise of two artists, Monique Redmond and Tanya Eccleston. They are joined for The Floral Show: Local Exotic at Fresh Gallery Otara by Janet Lilo. Using photography, video and installation The Floral Show: Local Exotic will transform Fresh into a conversational hothouse that explores the role of flowers in creating a sense of place, identity and home.
Gus Fisher Gallery • 9 May - 3 June
Tues-Fri, 10-5pm, Saturday 12-4pm
Using carefully choreographed photographs, Webster brings private personae into the public eye, querying the layers of identities we assume. Her examination of hidden desires and secret motivations often conflates elements of fantasy, eroticism and violence, subtexts not normally on view.
Sanderson Contemporary Art Herne Bay • 11 June - 28 June
10:30-5:30 Wed-Fri, 10-3 Saturday
Unruly Memoirs: Nature Fights Back is a series of geopolitical montages from Christchurch-based photographer Jane Zusters. “In Zusters’ most recent work the barriers that once divided one space from another have disintegrated due to the Christchurch earthquakes of September 4, 2010 and February 22, 2011.
Lopdell House Gallery • 16 May - 11 July
10-5 Mon-Fri
Jos Wheeler’s photographs challenge the images employed by the mainstream media. Because photographs can become iconic in defining major events and how we remember them, it’s important to understand which side of the story these images represent.

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