2024 : 06 Alex Mao Youth Photo Award

Benjamin Peens Hough;Dying Daisies;Black&Chrome
Benjamin Peens Hough;Reflections;Red   Film
Benjamin Peens Hough; Isolated SkyTower;GreyScale
Benjamin Peens Hough;Slow Speed;Long Exposure at Night
Benjamin Peens Hough;Singularity   Leaf;Polaroid Film Style
Hillary Ho;Optical illusion;Nature photography captivates me because it can evoke unlimited imagination. This image, featuring only two trees, uses in and out focus to create the illusion of a vast forest. By manipulating depth of field, I aim to enrich the visual experience and encourage viewers to engage more deeply with the scene.
Hillary Ho;Real fern? Fake fern?;Using the beautiful shade of green to highlight its artificial, plastic like appearance from a real fern.
Hillary Ho;Eerie fantansy;The unsettling vines cling to the tree, which seems reluctant to be entangled.
Hillary Ho;Enchanting charm;The plant's body are captured with exquisite detail, drawing the viewer's gaze along its textured form.
Hillary Ho;The wall;The golden vines crawling on the wall spark limitless imagination.
Hillary Ho;The curvy valley;The curvy path winds through the landscape, embracing hill and water, showcasing the harmonious blend of elements on Earth.
Hillary Ho;The dreamy encounter;A graceful moment unfolds as the falling flower meet the raindrops.

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