2023 : 06 June Alex Mao Youth Award

Chenguang Nie;Family Time ;NZ Dad and his two kids
Chenguang Nie;Me ;During the sunset, I took a photo of a famle who are looking to the Rangitoto Island
Chenguang Nie;We;I found them in Misssion Bay's beach
Gemma Monk;Looking at how nature surrounds us   through another point of view.;This image is taken using a mirror in a forest. The mirror shows a model surrounded by nature.
Gemma Monk;A taste for nature;Flowers shown bunched in a models mouth. Nature is essential for human survival. This image shows the significance of that.
Gemma Monk;Grounding people;This image shows a hand lightly touching flowers on a tree. Nature helps calm and ground people   signifying the hand touching the plant in a way for calmness.
Michael Wang;The cockle bay
Michael Wang;Slow wonder
Michael Wang;City of Night
Charlie Deng;Kuirau Geothermal Park;Moments to cherish
Charlie Deng;Long road ahead   Mt Tongariro ;Taken on the road to Mt Tongariro, a moment in a lifetime

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