Projections - Magnum: Haiti Aftermath: Iraq is Flying

Aotea Gallery • 4 June - 9 June

Opens 10.30am
Hours Daily 9am to 5pm
Where Aotea Centre,Queen Street
  09 307 7055
Artists Magnum Agency - various, Andrew Berends, Lung Liu, Benjamin Lowy - Getty Images, Riccardo Venturi - Contrasto & Jamal Penjweny
Theme Culture

Burma: Behind the Conflict

A photo-essay comprising images of Burma by a selection of esteemed Magnum photographers. The photo-essay displays images of this beautiful and troubled country before last year's conflict surrounding the military-backed staged elections. The images are accompanied by a commentary outlining the historical background to the oppressive ruling military junta by columnist and author Brendan I Koerner.

Haiti Aftermath

Four pre-eminent photojournalists document the disorder and despair in the aftermath of Haiti's 2010 earthquake. These disturbing images reveal the infrastructural, social and emotional chaos in the wake of a natural disaster which claimed 300,000 Haitian lives. Curated by Francois Callier of the Angkor Photo Festival with a soundtrack by Fever Ray and Massive Attack.

Iraq is Flying

Jamal Penjweny's photo-essay offers a glimpse of hope and innocence amongst the conflict. Iraq is Flying is a testament to the strength and resilience of the Iraqi people who have survived the Western invasion and war which killed over 100,000 of their fellow citizens. The photographs taken on the streets of Sulaymaniyah, Baghdad, Babil, Fallujah, Kirku and Amara reveal the humanity behind the statistics and stereotypical media images of Iraqi people, presenting individuals just like us who like to muck about and have a laugh as much as anyone else. "I wanted to give Iraq's energetic people a chance to regain their dignity, to let them jump beyond the setting of their lives and show how we all carry a bit of the child still within us. I wanted all Iraq's people to fly" … Jamal Penjweny.

Iraq is Flying will also be on show at Northart Gallery on Sunday 5 & Monday 6 June

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Iraq Is Flying By Jamal Penjweny  

 Iraq is Flying. Jamal Penjweny  


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