Allan McDonald: Walking in the City


Anna Miles Gallery • 23 May - 15 June

6pm on Wednesday 22 May
11am - 5pm Wed - Fri, 11am - 4pm Sat (also open late for Festival Tuesday)
47 High St Suite 4J, Auckland (Take the passage alongside Tatty's to the lift and lift to 4th Floor)
Allan McDonald

Allan McDonald photographs familiar aspects of urban environments that may not be around for much longer. After the Christchurch earthquakes our cities and towns are scrutinizing their architectural stock and assessing stability. Given the economics of preserving older architecture, it is increasingly likely that a wave of demolitions will reduce the historical character of many of these places.

The photographs in Walking in the City are a small selection from a large photographic archive of earthquake prone buildings nationwide that McDonald continues to add to. The interest lies not only in the urban fabric depicted but the subtle and altering ways McDonald pictures it.


Allan McDonald, Willis Street, Wellington 2012

Anna Miles

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