nkb Gallery • 4 June - 24 June

Opens 6:00pm on Tuesday 3 June
Hours Tuesday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm. Monday & Saturday 10am - 4pm, After Hours: By appointment.
Where 455 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand
  (09) 623 1464
Artists Becky Nunes
Theme Exhibitions

Becky Nunes: Co-orbital
The subject that both proposes and supports this body of work is the bounded area that divides the south from the north of the city, and is itself cut through with roads and other infrastructure. This area is Grafton Gully, a transitional landscape that has registered our varying preoccupations with nature, death and the movement of people and things. As I have walked and thought my way through this site, objects and observances have offered themselves up. Here, place reveals our various preoccupations and shifting values. Here, tapu and noa (the sacred and the earthly) coexist in a state of flux.

Artist (Becky Nunes) talk and glass of wine at 3pm on Saturday 7th June at nkb Gallery, Mt Eden.

Exhibition Opens Festival Tuesday.

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becky nunes_bellona

Becky Nunes: Bellona

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