Hong Kong Ink. Tattoo culture and Identity


Northart • 1 June - 17 June

4pm on Sunday 31 May
10am-4pm Mon-Sun
Norman King Square, Ernie Mays St, Northcote
Helen Mitchell

Hong Kong Ink examines how tattoo functions as an agent of cultural exchange and reflects the contemporary tattoo renaissance currently occurring in the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2010 Helen Mitchell photographed and interviewed tattooists, combing street scenes with portraits of tattooists to explore contemporary tattoo culture. She returned in 2015 to explore the increasingly diverse client base that new tattoo parlours have established;
tattooing has shifted from subculture to popular culture with female clients and practitioners leading the way.

Hong Kong Ink, showcases the diverse talents and styles of tattooists through a series of portraits that include tattoo clients from some of the best tattooists in the region along with stories from their subjects.

Helen Mitchell; Hong Kong Ink

Helen Mitchell - Hong Kong Ink Portrait

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