Silo 6 • 28 May - 17 June

10am-4pm daily
Silo Park Wynyard, Quarter
Han Jiangang

Paramita, the boat of the other shore, the life of the other shore. This work represents beliefs around the origins of life. A mother’s warm uterus is dark and quiet, with a little body floating in the amniotic fluid. At this moment, the mother’s body seems like a boat that brings life to the world. The beautiful and fantastic bodies of women appeal to both men and women - for beauty, for a mother's love, for sexual pleasure. Most significantly, one can always find a sense of belonging and security in the arms of the women they love. 

This exhibition is presented as part of a cultural exchange through  the Asia Pacific Photoforum between Auckland and Pingyao. The artist’s exclusive NZ presentation is a 3m high mural of individual photographic boats. Born in 1971, Han Jiangang is a visual art artist based in Xi’an, specializing in photography, installation, oil painting, sculpture, mural, and Chinese ink painting. Photography installation Paramita was displayed in Pingyao International Photography Festival in 2014.


Installation image from Pingyao International Photo Festival 2014

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