TURANGAWAEWAE – a place to stand


Corban Estate Arts Centre • 2 June - 16 July

6pm on Friday 2 June
10am - 4.30pm
2 Mt Lebanon Lane, Henderson, Auckland 0612
Rona Ngahuia Osborne and Dan Mace

We live in a time when the effects of climate change are becoming hard to ignore. Our impact on our environment is so severe that we have shifted into a new geological epoch - the Anthropocene.

Through photographic and video portraiture, Turangawaewae gives human faces to elemental aspects of the natural world that surrounds us and sustains us. These environmental characters communicate pain, anguish, sorrow and hope as they observe our efforts to either destroy or save the place where we stand, our home, our planet, our mother, Papatuanuku.

Dan Mace

Rona Ngahuia Osborne and Dan Mace

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