Dreaming in the Anthropocene

Trish Clark Gallery • 13 June - 31 July

Opens 5:30pm on Tuesday 13 June
Hours 12-5 Tues-Fri, 12-4 Sat
Where 1 Bowen Avenue, Auckland
  09 379 9556
Artists Chris Corson-Scott
Theme Exhibitions

Chris Corson-Scott's exhibition resolutely addresses the Festival thematic, Identity, while engaging conceptually with contemporary global discourse.

His 2016 extended exploration of the South Island yielded images remarkable for their unsettling juxtapositions of historic industry within the reclaiming natural world, the remnants of industrial behemoths on which the prosperity of New Zealand was formed. Now decayed and largely forgotten, but uncovered by diligent research and multi-day hikes lugging an 8 x 10 camera, the artist calls our attention to the past reality before it disappears entirely, and reminds us of our collective dependence upon and necessary care of the natural world.

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Chris Corson-Scott

Chris Corson-Scott, Collapsing Coal Bin, Escarpment Mine