Talking Culture - Scott A. Woodward

Talking Culture

Auckland Art Gallery Auditorium • 4 June

1pm - 2pm
Cnr Kitchener & Wellesley St City
Scott A. Woodward

Scott A. Woodward discusses his role as a visual storyteller. Scott calls his photographic style “Choose Your Own Adventure Photography” after the books he used to read as a child. Literally and creatively, he can go in one direction and discover a remarkable photographic opportunity or he can go in another direction and find something entirely different.

It is this serendipity that is the beauty of photography for Scott. Using both documentary work, editorial and commercial advertising as his narrative guides, he create some of the best work in Singapore and across Asia. His work "All The World's A Stage" is featured in a digital presentation at Studio One from 1 - 15 June as part of the 'Identity' projections this year.

His work features regularly in international publications, including National Geographic Magazine, GEO Magazine, The New York Times and The Washington Post. Scott has also photographed international advertising campaigns for many dozens of global brands such as Google, Adidas, MasterCard and Johnnie Walker. Thanks to Asia New Zealand Foundation.


Scott A Woodward; DPRK Selfie

Scott A. Woodward - DPRK Selfie


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