Identity - Kim Hak


Silo 6 • 1 June - 20 June

6:00pm on Thursday 1 June
10.30 - 4.30 Mon - Sun
Silo 6, Silo Park, Wynyard Qtr
Kim Hak

Hak is a full-time photographer whose work brings together storytelling and artistic aesthetic. Hak has focused on several themes including stories of Khmer Rouge survivors, the funeral of King Sihanouk, architectural documentations and the changing landscape of his homeland. 

All these photographs and objects are deeply significant. They are evidence of the past time in history. War can kill victims, but it cannot kill memory of the survivors. The memory should be alive, known and shared for the current research of human beings, and the preservation of heritage for the next generations.

Kim Hak

Kim Hak, from Alive, Battambang 2014 - Logan 2015

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