Deer Planet - Yoko ISHII


Outside Ellen Melville Centre • 29 May - 8 June

Daily 24 hours
Freyberg Place, cnr High St and Freyberg Place

Due to wind/weather issues attacking the work, this show has been taken down for repair, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Its cancelled at Freyberg Place until further notice.

We regret this occurrence.

We are working with our partners at Auckland Council to re-locate the wonderful photography of the deer to an alternative site next week.

Auckland Festival of Photography is proud to present 'Deer Planet' by Japanese photographer, Yoko ISHII.

Her series is displayed outdoors on 8 lightboxes which create a scene of animals freely interacting with the city of Nara.

"Like all animals, deer require sustenance, companionship and the ability to contribute to the future of their species. Unlike most wild animals, however, there are deer that live freely in the midtown section of the ancient capital Nara.

The deer in Nara are considered a divine servant of the Kasuga shrine and are protected as a special national treasure. However, in various other regions of Japan the deer's feeding habits are damaging and are causing serious problems.  

Inside these arbitrary boundaries created by man, the deer are beloved and treated as if they were domesticated animals. Outside of these boundaries, they are killed as destructive animals and unknowingly go beyond the borders with a spring in their step. By taking photographs of the free deer in Nara, I dream that one day they will occupy an abandoned town" Yoko ISHII.

This exhibition is specially curated for the Auckland Festival of Photography exclusively.

Yoko will give a walk and talk about her photography and the deers on Saturday 1st June in Freyberg Place at 1230pm to 130pm. Join this unique opportunity at the Festival to hear her discuss her work in 'Deer Planet'.

Please note this is an outdoor walk and talk. Please be weather prepared. In case of rain, bring warm clothing and umbrella.

Thanks to Auckland Design Office at Auckland Council, Asia New Zealand Foundation and Sakura TV.

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Ellen Melville Centre

Yoko Ishii; Deer Crossing, Nara

Yoko Ishii; Deer Crossing, Nara

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