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Auckland Live Digital Screen • 14 June - 16 June

1030 | 1300 | 1700 | 2000 - Screening each day
Aotea Square, Queen Street, City, Auckland
Aline Henchoz (Switzerland) • Dominique Bression (France) • Carlos Ayesta (Venezuela) • Neringa Rekasiute (Lithuania)

Auckland Festival of Photography & Nuit De La Photo, Switzerland present Aline Henchoz (Switzerland) + Dominique Bression (France) + Carlos Ayesta (Venezuela) + Neringa Rekasiute (Lithuania).

Aline Henchoz's series 'Golf Resorts' exposes the natural cracks brought about by lack of water. This series of photos reflects a Spanish urban disaster. In MURCIA in the early 2000s, arid and desert region, many "Golf Resorts" began to grow like mushrooms. These 18-hole resorts and luxurious, energy-hungry facilities are changing the landscape and contributing to the rapid depletion of natural resources.

Dominique Bression (France) + Carlos Ayesta (Venezuela) - Since the tsunami and the nuclear catastrophe of March 2011, Carlos Ayesta and Guillaume Bression have made regular visits to the region of Fukushima, Japan, and especially to the “no man’s land” around the stricken power station.

The fruit of their numerous visits is six series of strongly aesthetic photographs which mix posed situations with a documentary approach.

Neringa Rekasiute (Lithuania) - This ongoing photographic work focuses on a small Lithuanian town that is going through an identity crisis after the closure of the neighbouring nuclear power station in 2009.


Screenings run for 20 minutes, please note for the outdoor sessions to wear appropriate wet weather/winter attire.

Nuit De La Photo

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