Over Under

Gallery One • 4 June - 14 June

Opens 5:00pm on Tuesday 4 June
Hours 9:30 - 4:00 Mon - Fri
Where Building One, Entrance One - Unitec, Carrington Rd, Mt Albert
  021 0825 3385
Artists Hannah Rose Arnold • Sheryl Campbell • Saynab Muse • Sabrina Ngau • Joanna Piotrowska • Cass Power • Marie Shannon • Yvonne Shaw • Yvonne Todd
Theme Exhibitions

A proposed viewing of a Joanna Piotrowska image that came into our orbit through the agency of Solomon Mortimer has expanded into a visual conversation between 9 female photographers. Although the Piotrowska was instrumental the exchange between all participants is valued. Over Under has implications of power relations. Sometimes where there is power there can also be trust. 



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Hannah Arnold; Make me a Bird 2015

Hannah Rose Arnold; Make me a Bird 2015