Fissure - The Storm in The Morning


Silo 6 • 30 May - 16 June

6:00pm on Thursday 30 May
10:30 - 4:30 7 days
Silo Park - Wynyard Qtr, City
Su Jie Hao (China)

Fissure presents - The Storm in the Morning 2017-18

Su Jiehao’s latest work, is an autobiographic one.

The Storm in the Morning is an autobiographical film blending digital, natural and cultural worlds to build a multidimensional narrative where memories, languages and images work together to navigate and reconstruct personal experience and perception.

By returning to the tradition of remembering in classical Chinese literature, the artist aims to create new dialogues or connections between the experience and memory, languages and images, the present and the past.

The poetic lens quietly blurs the boundary between space and time. In this work, Su Jiehao abstracts the subtle sense of belonging from personal memories. As the American sinologist Stephen Owen (1946-) elaborates:

“There are chains of remembrance, linking one past to pasts still more remote, and sometimes also reaching into a speculative future that will remember our remembering. And as we discover and commemorate the rememberers of the past, it is easy to conclude that in remembering we ourselves will be remembered and will be worthy of memory.”

Single Channel Digital Film (HD, color, stereo) with English and Chinese texts

Duration: 17 mins 45 secs

Variable installation

Bio here. Su Jie Hao biography




Silo 6

Su Jie Hao; The Storm in The Morning 1


Su Jie Hao; The Storm in The Morning 1

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