Warsaw Uprising ‘44


Polish Heritage Trust Museum • 31 May - 11 June

10am-4pm Tues to Fri & 12pm-5pm Sun (closed Mon & Sat)
125 Elliot St, Howick
Polish photographers of the Warsaw Uprising, 1944.

Buried photographs documenting underground defiance against occupation survived destruction of the city of Warsaw and its inhabitants during World War 2. Polish photographers followed the battle for the city by the Underground Home Army (AK), which was the largest resistance effort mounted in Europe during the war. Despite great personal risk, they documented the uneven fight against armed occupation and showed how new recruits and civilians survived and assisted each other in their 63 days of struggle for freedom and dignity.

Reinforcing positions Krolewska St by Sylwestra 'Kris' Braun PHTM #752-1

Sylwestra 'Kris' Braun, Reinforcing positions Krolewska St PHTM #752-1

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