Merge - Dimensions of Reality


Shop 4, Ponsonby Central • 5 June - 11 June

10am-5.30pm 7 days & late night Thurs & Fri until 8.30pm
136 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby
Dina Nicolaides

Photos mirror so many curiosities that they will either hold or discard an image in one’s mind. Liken, the inner workings of the brain to a camera lens, and it will either choose to focus or float in and out of reality by bringing fluidity into still-life and exploring all angles; whilst in our own minds, we wonder at the visual and emotional aspects of what we are actually looking at.

"Capturing movement in time and nature blurred, I’ve taken this series of photos, not only through the angle of my mother’s eyes, but also through the inner workings of her brain." - Dina Nicolaides 

Dina Nicolaides- Pore Knights Lily

Dina Nicolaides, Pore Knights Lily

Dina Nicolaides - Her Ethereal Beauty

Dina Nicolaides , Her Ethereal Beauty

Dina Nicolaides - Her Ethereal Beauty 2

Dina Nicolaides, Her Ethereal Beauty 2

Dina Nicolaides - Floral Reflections

Dina Nicolaides, Floral Reflections

Dina Nicolaides - Morning Dew

Dina Nicolaides, Morning Dew

Dina Nicolaides - Reflections and Impressions

Dina Nicolaides, Reflections and Impressions

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