Planet Ocean


Time Out Bookstore • 1 June - 15 June

5pm Thurs 8 June
9am-9pm 7 days
432 Mount Eden Rd, Mount Eden
Cathy Carter

 Its time to put our Oceans first.

The works "Infra-Moana’ explore the sea, our familiar playground, as a ‘future sea’, morphing through global warming in the Anthropocene. ‘Infra’ references infrared light, the part of the electro-magnetic spectrum that people encounter most in everyday life almost without noticing, invisible to human eye.

Infra-Moana represents the warming of the seas using colour as a symbol of changing temperatures, algal blooms, red tides, pollution and the loss of species. Humans go about their leisure, or current behaviour, at times unaware of their authorship of future reality.

At various other locations including:
-Novel Bookstore, Jervois Road
-Spaces, 17th Floor Commercial Bay - Albert/Custom St East (through Albert St entrance, use escalators to the lifts) - Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm only.

Opening presentations on World Oceans Day 8 June:
12pm at Novel Bookshop
5pm at Föenander Gallery

Planet Ocean: Tides Are Changing 

Infra Moana aquamarine

Cathy Carter, Infra Moana aquamarine

Infra Moana lime

Cathy Carter, Infra Moana lime

Infra Moana tangerine

Cathy Carter, Infra Moana tangerine

infra moana fushia

Cathy Carter, Infra Moana fushia

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