Nicola Simpkin-Hill - online • 31 May - 11 June

24 hrs / 7 days
please visit link below
Nicola Simpkin-Hill

Innovations photography project aims to build awareness of the physically disabled community through a photographic investigation of adapted and customized objects used to assist its members in their daily lives. The Innovations photography project acts as a seed for the larger concept of a SEE ME social art collaborative, which will activate disability awareness and drive social change by providing a platform for social identity and growing disability culture through the arts in Aotearoa/ NZ.

Nicola Simpkin-Hill. Suzanna's boots

Nicola Simpkin-Hill, Suzannah's boots

Nicola Simpkin-Hill.Jenny's Bionic leg (Exosym)

Nicola Simpkin-Hill, Jennie's Bionic leg (Exosym)

Nicola Simpkin-Hill. Indy's Pink shoes

Nicola Simpkin-Hill, Indie's Pink shoes

Nicola Simpkin-Hill. Face Former

Nicola Simpkin-Hill, Face Former

Nicola Simpkin Hill. Crutches

Nicola Simpkin Hill, Crutches

Nicola Simpkin-Hill. Thumb straps

Nicola Simpkin-Hill, Thumb straps

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