Skin Stories


Ponsonby Rd - Posters • 1 June - 14 June

24hrs daily
20 Ponsonby Rd, Grey Lynn
Tony Reddrop

Skin Stories, is about people, their tattoos, and their journeys.

With each person who's portrait I took, I asked them to do a bio about them self, their tattoo's, and how being tattooed, makes them feel? The Idea of the series, is to challenge peoples perceptions, about who are the people that have tattoos?   - Tony Reddrop

By having the series of images displayed in public, 24/7, it allows people to view the portraits in their own time. 

Scan the QR code on site - to view other images from the ongoing series online.

Tony Reddrop - Gareth

Gareth, Tony Reddrop

Tony Reddrop - James

James, Tony Reddrop

Tony Reddrop - Joanna

Joanna, Tony Reddrop

Tony Reddrop - Woody

Woody, Tony Reddrop

Tony Reddrop - Tracey

Tracey, Tony Reddrop

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