The photo, the object, the story


Satellite 2 • 1 June - 23 June

10am-2pm Wed to Sun
61 Victoria Rd, Devonport
Beatrice Carlson

"When I start assembling pieces together I make pics of the process to document and witness the making. Showing those pictures tells part of my thoughts, part of my process. It is so pleasing to play with found objects, reducing them to their essentiality or change them for something else, pursuing or creating their story! But, in fact, objects decide themselves, they make us think their way; they can even twist the truth...But is it the truth? Belief is a traitor sometimes! Power of the creation, image and meanings; its different facets, interpretations."

“The photo, the object, the story The object, the photo, the story Whatever you believe I start with” - Beatrice Carlson

D Cup, Beatric Carlson

D Cup, Beatrice Carlson

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