Believe - The Lonka Project


Gantry - Silo Park • 27 May - 16 June

7am-7pm daily
10 Jellicoe St, Auckland Central

The Lonka Project - Presented by Auckland Festival of Photography Trust & Head On Photo Festival, Sydney, exclusively in the Silo Park area, following its presentation at Bondi Beach, during last year's Sydney festival.

Wed 29 May - Artist talk with Moshe Rosenzveig, OAM – Head on Photo Festival & The Lonka Project, 2pm

Exhibition blessing & gathering, 3:30pm

When Holocaust survivor Dr Eleonora ‘Lonka’ Nass died, her daughter Rina realised she knew very little of her mother’s experience of the Nazi concentration camps. In 2019, Rina and her husband, Jim Hollander, decided to launch this project to document Holocaust survivors’ stories and asked fellow professional photographers worldwide to create portraits of survivors. 320 photographers in 35 countries each contributed portraits of a diverse group of Holocaust survivors, the last among us who will soon be unable to share their experiences in the first person.

The Lonka Project is an ongoing project consisting of a collection of 455 individual portraits of Holocaust survivors by over 320 professional photographers in some 35 countries, all contributing portraits of an equally diverse group of Holocaust survivors.

The Lonka Project co-curators: Rina Castelnuovo (Israel) is an Israeli photographer and filmmaker and one of Israel’s most awarded photojournalists. Rina began her career four decades ago with the Associated Press and, for the past 30 years, photographed for The New York Times in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, covering war and peace in the Middle East. Jim Hollander (Israel) is an award-winning American photographer with a career spanning over four decades. Jim served as Chief Photographer and editor for Israel and the Palestinian Authority with UPI, Reuters, and EPA and has covered conflicts and other international news in the Middle East, Africa & Europe. His long-standing passion for Spain led to his books Run to the Sun (2002) and Pizarra to Pamplona (2016). Jim and Rina have been married for nearly 40 years.

Thanks to Eke Panuku Development Auckland. 



Ed Mosberg by Moshe Milner

Ed Mosberg by Moshe Milner

Ohad Wagenstein by Abraham Grinzaid - Red Army veteran and head of the Soviet war veterans in Israel.

Ohad Wagenstein by Abraham Grinzaid - Red Army veteran and head of the Soviet war veterans in Israel.

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