Best Photo's of Previous Months

November Photo of The Month - Open theme

Carolyn Sylvester; In a Hurry To Get to the Water

Carolyn Sylvester - In a Hurry to Get to the Water

October Photo of The Month - Surf theme


Ben Crowle - Last Light, Muriwai Beach

September Photo of the Month


Sam Lu - Coming Now, Gannet

August Photo of the Month - Open theme

Fiona McDonald - Horse Training on Kariotahi Beach

July Photo of the Month - Open theme

Antony Eley ;Road to Nowhere; Rural road disappearing in the morning mist in Whitford

Antony Ely- Road to Nowhere

June Photo of the Month - Festival theme

Leo Guan;Amazing picture I saw in June Festival art

Leo Guan - Amazing picture I saw in June Festival

May Photo of The Month - Open theme

Carolyn; Getting Out of The Water

Carolyn; Getting Out of The Water, Pony Club Henderson

April Photo of The Month - Open theme

Leigh Burrell; Feed The Kids

Leigh Burrell; Feed The Kids, Sculpture by Donna Turtle Sarten, Te Atatu

March 2014 Photo of The Month - Open theme

Arun Sarasakshan Pillai; Reflective Thinking

Arun Sarasakshan Pillai; Reflective Thinking


February 2014 Photo of The Month - Animals theme

Sam Lu; Eel Ring

Sam Lu - Eel Ring and Shag

January 2014 Photo of The Month - Open theme

Ryan Thorpe; Dont Mind Me 2013

Ryan Thorpe - Dont Mind Me

December 2013 Photo of The Month - Open theme

Debby Tweed; Westhaven Marina

Debby Tweed - Westhaven Marina

November 2013 - Photo of The Month Open theme

Manasee Joshi; Spooky Muriwai

Manashee  Joshi - Spooky Muriwai

OCTOBER 2013 Photo Of The Month

Ian Rushton; Alberton House Laundry

Ian Rushton - Alberton House Laundry

September Photo of The Month - Open theme

Hayley Theyers; Boy in Sea

Boy in Sea by Hayley Theyers

August Photo of The Month - Open theme

Cat Groombridge; Foggy Mornings

Foggy Autumn Mornings by Cat Groombridge.

July Photo of The Month - People theme

Jerry Zinn; Ferry Queue Waiheke

Jerry Zinn - Ferry Queue at Waiheke

June Photo of The Month

Caro Brooking; Storm Over Auckland

Caro Brooking - Storm Over Auckland, Bethhells Beach

May Photo of The Month

Rai Dai; Rush Hour Penrose

Rui Dai - Rush Hour Penrose

April Photo of The Month

Niketa Brown; Powerhouse

Niketa Brown. Powerhouse

March Photo of The Month

Henry He; History

Henry He - History. Auckland War Memorial Museum

February Photo of The Month

 Colin Lunt; Waterslide









Colin Lunt; Oh ***!. At the Live More Awesome World's Biggest Slide Fundraiser. Helensville, Auckland.

January Photo of The Month

Alvin Sarmiento; Jumping Japanese

Alvin Sarmiento - Jumping Japanese. Congratulations to Alvin.

December Photo of The Month

Susanne Wichman; Mussels
Susanne Wichman - Birkenhead friends for dinner. Food theme for December.

November Photo of the Month










Claire Hamilton; Coffee; Jellicoe Street

October Photo of the Month

William Liang; All Went Well; Diwali 2012   

William Liang - All Went Well. Taken backstage at the recent Diwali Festival 2012, youngs performers share their excitement

September 2012 Photo of the Month

Samantha Milne; Lily and Flopsy

Samantha Milne - Lily and Flopsy

August 2012 Photo of the Month

Colin Lunt; Tree Planting Long Bay

Colin Lunt - Living Legend Tree Planting at Long Bay

July 2012 Photo of the Month

Young Chul Park - Pilgrims - Bethells Beach

June 2012 Photo of the Month

Chris Robinson; Auckland Ferries Gathering in the Storm

Chris Robinson; Auckland Ferries Gathering in the Storm

May 2012 Photo of The Month

Tisha Carter; Succulent

Tisha Carter - Succulent; Auckland Regional Botanical Gardens

April 2012 Photo of The Month


Blair Hastings - Western Springs

March 2012 Photo of the Month


Pearlisa Aptinko - Sunday School Kids

February Photo of the Month 2012

Jason Burgess; Splore 2012

Powhiri at Splore at Tapapakanga Regional Park by Jason Burgess

January 2012 Photo of the Month

Aroha Awarau; Mt Eden Back and White

Mt Eden Black and White by Aroha Awarau.

December 2011 Photo of the Month

Pierre Cilliers;Clock Tower with Moon; Photographed at Gulf Harbour 

 Pierre Cilliers - Clock Tower with Moon at Gulf Harbour

November 2011 Photo of The Month

Hayley Theyers; Huia Girls

Hayley Theyers titled "Huia Girls". 

October 2011 Photo of the Month

Grant Stantiall; Dragon   
Mark Williams with Dragon by Grant Stantiall

September 2011 Photo of The Month

Kim Vaafusu - First week of Spring at Muriwai Beach-1

First Week of Spring at Muriwai Beach by Kim Vaafusu

August 2011 Photo of the Month


lololol by Renati Rouzdanmu

July 2011 Photo of the Month


Silly Boy by Hayley Theyers

June 2011 Photo of the Month

Woodboys Rugby World Cup by Florian Lebail

Woodboys Rugby World Cup by Florian Lebail.

May 2011 Photo of the Month 

Svetlana Radfod; Lost child; Botany- ice skating arena, Auckland, NZ  
Lost Child: Botany Ice Skating Arena by Svetlana Radford.  

April 2011 Photo of the Month

Sophia Lawler; Faded Faces

Faded Faces by Sophia Lawler

March 2011 Photo of the Month

Amber Parata; Help Christchurch; Otahuhu 

Help Christchurch by Amber Parata

February 2011 Photo of the Month

Peter Jennings;Night time choir; Mt Roskill 

Night Time Choir Mt Roskill by Peter Jennings

January 2011 Photo of the Month

Summer Boy by Fransiscus Herry

Auckland Summer Boy by Franciscus Herry

December 2010 Photo of the Month


Untitled by Andres Bravo Ceron 

November 2010 Photo of the Month.  View the November blog here

Mareta Fraser - Rag Rats

Rag Rats Looking Out Their Ragged Window by Mareta Fraser

October 2010 Photo of the Month.  View the October blog here.


Me Dad by Aroha Awarau

September Politics Theme 2010 Photo of the Month.  View the September blog here.


  Fairness at Work Rally 2 by Malcolm McNeill

August 2010 Photo of the Month.  View the August blog here.

Alex Leben;roseInThorne;I particuarly liked the backdrop for this setting. A warmth and richness of the photo is contrasted with the secluded, eery cold bench. 

 Rose in Thorn by Alex Leben 

July 2010 Photo of The Month - View the July blog here

Etched in History by Emma Durham.

Etched in History by Emma Durham

June 2010 Photo of the Month.  View June blog here.


The Tackle by Grant Stantiall

May 2010 Photo of the Month.  View May blog here.


Muriwai - Ken Ogiyama

April 2010 Photo of the Month.  View April blog here.

Anton Falco ter Veer;Awake;North Shore bands The Earlybirds singer Filip Kostovich and guitarist Michael Cannon (background) during video recording for New Zealand music month at York St Studios in Parnel.

Anton Falco ter Veer.  Awake.

March 2010 - Pasifika Piks - Winning Photo.  View March Pasifika Piks here.

Nataly Hurwitz;Tuvaluan Dance;Pasifika

Nataly Hurwitz.  Tuvaluan Dance.

February 2010 - Open Theme - Photo of the Month.  View February 2010 blog here.

Juan Botindari;On your marks;Taken on carnival day on muriwai beach

Juan Bontindari. On Your Marks

January 2010 Open Theme - Photo of the Month.  View January 2009 blog here

Young At Heart By Phil and Yvonne

Young At Heart by Phil and Yvonne Morton

December 2009 - Open Theme - Photo of the Month.  View December 2009 blog here


Seagull by Theodoor Venter

 November 2009 - Open Theme - Photo of The Month. View November 2009 blog here

Walk in the Park; Bryan Lay Yee 

Walk in the Park by Bryan Lay Yee.

Bryan Lay Yee with his picturesque and gentle Walk in the Park taken in Auckland's Cornwall park recently.

OCTOBER 2009 - Rangitoto Theme- Photo of the Month. View Rangitoto blog here

EruptionYoung Jin Kim

Young Jim Kim: Eruption

SEPTEMBER 2009 - Open Theme - Photo of The Month.  View September blog here


Jo Charman:  Spring delight, Manukau                    

AUGUST 2009 - Open Theme - Photo of The Month.    View August blog here


Toni Tanner:  Underwater Baby, Auckland

JULY 2009 - Open theme - Photo of The Month


Shangyuan Lu: Morning fog in Avondale, Auckland

See July blog here

JUNE 2009 - BusPix Theme - Photo of The Month.  See June blog here


John Pirtle -  Buses West 2A, New Lynn Terminal, Auckland.

Auckland Photo Blog BusPix sponsored by 


Congratulations - John won three months unlimited bus travel valued at over $500 and also gets his winning photo on a billboard in July 2009 on Karangahape Road. Runner up was Carlene Newall with her recycled bus tickets. She was awarded 1 month's free bus travel.


MAY 2009 - Open Theme - Photo of The Month


Paras Kumar -  Devotees dancing during a religious performance in Iskcon temple in Auckland.

See May 2009 blog here

APRIL 2009 - Open Theme - Photo of The Month

Engineering for the Visually Impaired - Lee Pike 

Lee Pike - Engineering for the Visually Impaired

See April 2009 blog here

March 2009 - Open Theme - Photo of the Month

Carolyn Sylvester; Light Bubbles

Carolyn Sylvester - Light Bubbles

See March 2009 blog here

FEBRUARY 2009 - Lantern Theme - Photo of The Month


Red Lantern Tree by Karen Lewis

See February 2009 blog

January 2009

Summer Fun - Aaron Koolen

Summer Fun by Aaron Koolen - MJ Savage Memorial Park

See January 2009 blog

December 2008

Jerry Zinn;Swimmers on Takapuna beach.; An early morning swim

Swimmers on Takapuna Beach by Jerry Zinn

See December 2008 blog

November 2008

Jerry Zinn; Fishing in the bay Takapuna beach; An idyllic scene

Fishing in the Bay on Takapuna Beach by Jerry Zinn

See November 2008 blog

October 2008


Indian Dancer2 by Max Thomson.

See October blog

September 2008

 ;Stanhope Road School Students; Distorted View

Distorted View by Stanhope Road School Student

August 2008


Life does live in these hands by Nicky, Pakuranga 

July 2008


Rolling Stones Trash by Jo Sellars

See July blog

June 2008


Drummer, Eddie from the band PeoplePeople by Tom Wilson

See June blog here

May 2008


Anawhata2 by Olivier Dorey

See May blog here

April 2008

Kristin Froude; Still waiting for Santa

Still Waiting For Santa by Kristin Froude (People's Choice Award)

March 2008


John Penney - PolyFest Tongan DisplaSee March 2008 Blog here - March Manukau

February 2008

QueenStreetLanternDebbie Olberts

Debbie Olberts - Queen Street Lantern

See February 2008 Blog here - Chinese New Year

January 2008


Eme Kilkenny- Patriots - Young men wrapped at Domain - Hillary funeral

See January 2008 Blog here - Open Theme

December - 2007


Chrysler Menchavez - Sunset

See December 2007 Blog here - Open Theme



Stuart Broughton - Batboy at Grey Lynn Festival

See November 2007 Blog here - Open Theme



Julia Cotton - St Patricks Cathedral Rooftop

See October blog here - Architecture theme















Michael Bajko - Poppy on Traffic island. Awaroa & Great North Road, Kelston

View September 2007 blog here



Phil Platt - Rapid Growth - Trees on Puketutu island

View August 2007 blog here











Martin Horspool: Donkey chain
Taken on coastal walk in Te Atatu this morning

See July 2007 blog here


Time Out Small

Martin Horspool - Time Out

View the June 2007 Photo Blog


May Best

Haani Badeeu: blowing it off

"It seems like ma lil bro is tryna blow off those
clouds with a flower bud which is absolutely
imbossible but this shot came pretty nice.
Taken from my house backyard in Mangere."

View the May 2007 Photo Blog


Burning Skyline2

May Lee Weernink: Burning Skyline
Auckland's skyline drawn with a sparkler in my backyard in Epsom

View the April 2007 Photo Blog



Mt Eden Dog:  In the Dog House by Martin Horspool

View the March 2007 Photo Blog


Untitled2by WiremuTeKiri

Untitled: Protest at Myers Park by Wiremu Te Kiri

View February blog


John Ling; Winning Excitement in North Harbour Stadium

Winning Excitement in North Harbour Stadium

by John Ling

View the January 2007 Photo Blog



Festive Fancy by Sarah Bullion

View the December 2006 Photo Blog




Haylee Killip: Untitled

View the November 2006 Photo Blog