2009 Programme


Good One • 9 June - 23 June
8am to 4pm Mon - Fri; 8am to 3pm Sat
Inserting imagery which piles subjectivity upon subjectivity, setting up encounters that invite viewers to consider image making and the context and possibilities for its installation in new ways.
John Leech Gallery • 26 May - 19 June
10am to 6pm Mon - Fri; 10am to 4pm Sat
In Against the Day, Auckland photographer Patrick Reynolds continues to explore the possibilities of the subjective camera and the transformative qualities of light.
Whitespace • 2 June - 27 June
11am to 6pm Tue - Fri; 11am to 4pm Sat
Subjects in the exhibition include musicians from the early 1970s; Jethro Tull for Playdate magazine and the age of punk; the Scavengers. There was no Photoshop or retouching - every one of these images was created entirely in the camera.
Anna Miles Galley • 3 June - 4 July
11am to 6pm Wed - Fri; 11am to 4pm Sat
McDonald presents photographs of another aspect of the New Zealand street fast disappearing - small retail premises vulnerable to the imposition of global shopping. Amituanai draws on the experiences of entering the real estate market for the first time and resettling a Chin refugee family in Auckland.
Gus Fisher Gallery • 8 May - 20 June
10am to 5pm Tue-Fri; 12pm to 4pm Sat
Antarctica brings together work by Joyce Campbell, Anne Noble, and Connie Samaras on the subject of Antarctica, the most extreme continent on the planet. Artist residencies enabled each of them to photograph and experience firsthand the severe and almost inhuman conditions.
Artstation Gallery • 3 June - 20 June
9am to 9pm Mon -Thu; 9am to 5pm Fri; 9am to 4pm Sat
The Wunderkammer was a private collection found in Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth century; the artificial and the natural, along with the marvelous were used as a way to categorise objects contained in this early prototype to the museum.
Satellite Gallery • 2 June - 13 June
11am to 5pm Mon - Fri; 10am to 3pm Sat
This series draws on the stereotypical heroes of Japanese society; the idolized beautiful young girl and, soldier of the economy, the salary-man. Influenced by Japanese anime, Watts' unique style of self portraiture suggests a desire to live vicariously through the heroes' image.
Satellite Gallery • 16 June - 27 June
11am to 5pm Mon - Fri; 10am to 3pm Sat
Audition conjures up dark worlds whose inhabitants act out their parody in makeshift theatre. If her world is a stage, then O'Connors actors are burlesque. Steph's work is delivered with drama, tension and elegance while still capturing a child-like curiosity.
Bath Street Gallery • 3 June - 20 June
10am to 5.30pm Tue - Fri; 11am to 3pm Sat
Harvey Benge works and lives between Auckland and Paris. Since the early 1990's his practice, laced with irony and humour investigates the relationship between parallel lives, reminding us how strange the world is when you really start to look.
Morgan Street Gallery • 20 May - 14 June
10.30am to 5pm Tue - Fri; 11am to 3.30pm Sat & Sun
Flowers from abstract to ethereal...from emerging to nearly dead. Riveting and unusual images from three photographers taking a fresh look at this complex and captivating botanical subject.
George Fraser Gallery • 28 May - 20 June
11am to 4pm Thu - Sat
Students from Elam School of Fine Arts present a selection of fresh and innovative work direct from the studio.
Vero Center Foyer • 4 June - 26 June
7am to 6pm Mon - Fri (until 26 June)
This exhibition showcases the highest scoring 150 images (Gold, Silver and Bronze) from the annual NZIPP Iris Awards. This is Auckland's stop on a nationwide tour giving the public the opportunity to appreciate the skills and artistry in this digital age of it's professional image makers.
Pearce Gallery • 3 June - 13 June
11am to 4pm Mon-Sat
Flicker will feature work of Whitecliffe College of Art and Design graduating photo video/film students. Referencing the image and video hosting website Flickr, it explores the parallels between an exhibition space and an online community platform.
Snow White Gallery • 15 June - 10 July
9.30am to 4.30pm Mon - Fri
Works in The Vault quietly interact and collide. Taxidermy and zoology meet anthropology, ethnology, art history and archaeology. Facts of ecology and history parade before us as partially-remembered remnants: tangata whenua meets coloniser; antlered beast meets taxidermist; endangered bird meets steel cabinet.
Opanuku Studio • 11 June - 19 June
10am to 2pm Mon - Fri
In 2005 artist Donna Sarten took a series of photographs featuring four girls aged 18 months, 8,9 and 10 years old. The images evoke feelings, both real and perceived, of the vulnerability of these children. Now, four years later, Sarten revisits her subjects.
The Depot Artspace: Small Dog Gallery • 13 June - 25 June
10am to 5pm Mon - Sat, 10am to 4pm Sun
From summer equinox through to winter equinox flocks of sparrows and starlings gather in the trees along Lake Road to nest for the night. As I drive home from school I wistfully watch the convivial strings flying to their 'homes' in the trees.
Lifewise Aotea Chapel • 30 May - 20 June
11am to 2pm Tue - Thu; 10am to 2pm Fri - Sat
Whekenui (Great Octopus), signifies the many varied expressions of the Impressionist Photography movement, coming together as a single entity. This collaborative seeks to investigate the nuances of movement and light through use of slow shutter photography.
The Depot Artspace: Main Gallery • 6 June - 18 June
10am to 5pm Mon - Sat; 10am to 4pm Sun
In Transit is an exhibition by three women who, though strangers to each other, share a passion for exploration; each capturing the fleeting moment of her journey as 'tourist' and photographer.
Gow Langsford Gallery • 3 June - 19 June
10am to 6pm Mon - Fri; 10am to 4pm Sat
Gow Langsford Gallery presents a stellar collection of international photography, including works by Anthony Goicolea and Kim Joon.
City Art Rooms • No Longer On Display
In politics, image is everything. Immortalised in countless pictures, figureheads carefully plan their appearances before the lens. French-born artist Marie Le Mounier has collected and desaturated photographic records to highlight a signature gesture shared by all world leaders: ingratiating the public.
Mangere Arts Centre: Window Gallery • 26 May - 16 June
9am to 5pm Tue - Fri; 9am to 3pm Sat
The photogram is a direct printing technique originating in the earliest days of photography. Isabel has taken the early concept of the photogram, or cameraless photography, and brought it up to date using current equipment and coloured photographic paper in the darkroom.
Upstairs Gallery, Lopdell House • 29 May - 21 June
10am to 4.30pm seven days
The art of abstract impressionist photography. Using both traditional and modern techniques, the pieces in this exhibition will challenge the commonly held perception that photographers need to produce crystal clear, pin sharp images to entice an audience.
Uxbridge Creative Centre, Gallery Two • 5 June - 18 June
9am to 4pm Mon - Fri; 9.30am to 2pm Sat
Using the camera as a canvas and light as the brush, Broadhurst has created dynamic images that evoke a range of art; from modern abstract painting and sculpture to the ancient rhythms of Asian calligraphy and brush works.
Lopdell House Gallery • 29 May - 12 July
10am to 4.30pm seven days
In Linger, Smith combines his architectural background with his passion for pinhole photography to capture the essence of decay; balance; and the enduring passage of time.
City Art Rooms • 2 June - 27 June
11am to 6pm Tue - Fri; 11am to 3pm Sat
Geoffrey Heath's new series North Shore FX documents young people modified by self-applied theatrical make-up. Stripped bare of personal sentiment and dramatic staging, the subjects are presented in all their humdrum glory.
Gus Fisher Gallery • 9 June
6pm to 8pm 9th June
Seventeen photographers will briefly disengage from the normal art market relationship and sell 15 prints/copies/images for just $15 dollars each. It is anticipated that a Photography Sell-Out is inevitable.
Two Rooms • 20 May - 28 June
11am to 6pm Tue - Fri; 11am to 3pm Sat
Over the last ten years, in collaboration with anthropologist and historian Nicholas Thomas, Mark Adams has tracked the carvings of Tene Waitere (1854-1931), one of the most innovative Maori artists of his time, to sites dispersed around New Zealand, Germany, and Britain.
Gus Fisher Gallery • 8 May - 20 June
10am to 5pm Tue - Fri, 12pm to 4pm Sat
room room explores the idea of reflection; firstly, in the act of mirroring, mimicking reality through inversion; and secondly, in the notion of interiority.
GeorgiGregg Home • 14 May onwards
10am to 5pm Mon - Sat
An upside down approach to art, duality, mixture, texture, graphism and symbolism.
The New Zealand Steel Gallery • 29 May - 20 Jun
9.30am to 4.30pm Mon - Fri; 9.30 to 2.30pm Sat
Four Photographers contribute their images commenting on the presentation of women through the medium of photography in the fashion industry.
Aotea Gallery • 15 June - 4 July
8.30am to 6pm Mon - Fri; 10am to 4.30pm Sat & Sun
An exhibition by two photography fine art graduates from Whitecliffe School of Art & Design, exhibiting together for the first time since graduation in 2001. The images will present their own individually personal concepts of contemporary fine art photography and the challenges that new technologies create in art photography today.
Monmo Gallery • 1 June - 15 June
10am to 3pm Mon - Fri; 10am to 4pm Sat & Sun
Art photos with a 'natural' theme. Men, women and children alongside Natural History images.
Snow White Gallery • 25 May - 12 June
9am to 4pm Mon - Fri
Collaborative works using photographic manipulation and moving image as a means of re-constructing landscape images that were taken on a road-trip from Auckland to Wellington.
Lake House Arts Centre • 26 May - 14 June
10am to 4pm Mon - Fri; 10am to 3pm Sat & Sun
Whispers of love and loss, of ghosts past, of nature's delicate intricacies' Subtle, intimate photographic works that invite the viewer in for close contemplation. The works include fine art digital prints and handmade photogravure prints.
Ocean Gallery • Permanent Exhibition
10am to 4pm Mon - Sat
Will Calver's work captures the nautical essence that makes Auckland the 'City of Sails'. Images in both colour and black and white make up a unique collection of life out on the harbour, from classic sailing yachts to harbour board tugs.

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