Manuel Toribio;the flight
Carolyn Hope;Mesclun fields Mangere
Mark Helsby;Getting a better view
Julia Pauli;Kingsland
Martin Bassler;Cool
Vance McMillan;seagull!
Scottie Peng;Mass with the Wind in front of Landmark Auckland Harbour Bridge
Eleanor Gannon;Botanical Window
Hoyi Ho;Love Intersection
Mark Ewington;Ice Cream Treat
Abhirath;Self portrait
Adam Gallavin;overpass
Al Ronberg;sideline supporters
Shiva Sankaran;Fallin(Leaves)
Bryan Lowe;ancestry
Wendy Preston;Helping a mate @ Mixit
Frenie Perlas;Reflection of Beauty and Serenity
Lenga Mauala;Marketstall
Joanne Sowry;Freedom
Katherine Wong;Untitled
Louise Thompson;La Cigale Mkt 1058 hrs, 7.6.08
Liz Hardley;Photo finish
Mark Ewington;Groom and Best Men
Mick Sharpe;Modern Art   Queen Street
Melissa Julian;Girls Just Wanna Have Bubbly Fun
Kim Olberts;Double Singer
Carmen Castaño;Poppies & Pansies
Vance McMillan;Feeding the birds
Emma Foy;Reflection
Ruth McDowall;Piha

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