Peoples Choice

Have your own say and make your vote count in selecting the People's Choice winner for Auckland Photo Day 2022.

If you like something a lot then give it 5 stars or not so much just one star or none. REVIEW ALL PAGES.

Highest number of 5 star votes wins at that time. Only one vote per person per photo. No multiple voting will be counted. Now get clicking!

Voting closes: 5pm Thursday 30 June 2022. 

People's Choice - Auckland Photo Day

Alan Golder;Beach Ride
Alan Golder;Seahorse
Alix Coleman;Glimmer of hope
Alix Coleman;Off to Football
Alvin Sarmiento;Brothers Together
Alvin Sarmiento;Baptism
Andrew Creegan;Broadway Roadworks
Andrew Creegan;K Road Cone
Andrew Malmo;Takapuna Beach Cafe Closing Time
Andrew Malmo;Takapuna Beach Dog and Reflection
Anuke Rnanweera;tear drops on the leaf
Barry Williams;Leaf
Bernadette Fastnedge;Training Together
Bin Bai;Old people and New subjects.
Bryce Solomon;Fishing with Friends
Callena Lewis;Waiting for you
Carmen Castano;Urban Sprawl
Cherry Hsu;Haze
Cindy Baxter;Te Piha, between showers
Clint Schubert;Meet me at Silo Park
David Morgan;Birthday Wishes
David Prentice;Early morning swim
David Prentice;French Bay sunrise
David Prentice;Together alone
David Wo;AT Atrium on Takutai
Deb Owen;Joy of Youth
Deb Owen;Smoky Weather
Debbie Carthew;Pies for Breakfast
Debbie Carthew;Time for a Break
Dulanya Hansali Jayasekera;Sunset mushroom
Ella Carol;Gina and Sienna
Ella Carol;Sleeping duck
Fiona Collins;Contemplation
Fiona Collins;Support
Gaby Suhl;Hair and there
Gaby Suhl;Licking my way through life
Gail Stent work;My Covid Day
GAO TAO;Forgotten Forest
GAO TAO;Third camera for your photo day
Genevieve Revell;Playing Tiggy with Daddy
Grace Walker;Running light
Guohua Wu; Rush To The Sea
Harald Hochmann;Westhaven Marina in the morning
Hernan Grabarnik;Light My Fire
Hernan Grabarnik;Self Reflection
Hernan Grabarnik;Waiheke Vibes
Hong Jiang;I think I can
Hugh Jones;The Umbrella
Hyun Duck Park; Knitting Lesson
Iris Oetgen;Eastern Line

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