Peoples Choice

People's Choice Winner of the 2019 Nikon Auckland Photo Day:
Tina Fraser; Under Harbour Bridge

Tina Fraser, Under Harbour Bridge, Stokes Point 2019

Taken at Stokes Point, North Shore, Auckland.

Aaron Solomon;Caged_I will behave well
Aaron Solomon;I love Toys
Alix Coleman;Seagulls stare
Alpa Maniar;MeditatioAgeNoBar
Alvin Sarmiento;The Vendor
Alvin Sarmiento;Carlos 5th Birthday
Arun S Pillai;Middlemore Hospital
Arun S Pillai;The Corridor
Bimsara Ranaweera;Passing by
Bimsara Ranaweera;Waiting
Calden Jamieson;80 minutes in the wet paddock
Ceara O'Flaherty;warriors vs storm 1
Claire Lambert;In the scaffolding
Claudia Baptista Fernandes;Tower de force event   AKL police
Clint Schubert;Double Take
Clint Schubert;Tunnel Vision
Debbie Carthew;Sideliners
Delwyn Barnett;into the light on a blustery winters day
Dennis Rundle;No matter the weather
Elizabeth Koshy;Friends having a great time riding on a cycle rickshaw.
Emma Liu;Being roasted from a Sat night
Emma Liu;Experiencing making Thai soups
Errol D'Souza;Wooden renovation frame
Faith Tan;Cut In Half
Faith Tan;Mirror Mirror
Fiona Kelly;Early
Fiona Kelly;Early Start
Gaby Suhl;A Barber's life
Gaby Suhl;I spy
Gaby Suhl;Take me anywhere

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