Malcolm McNeill;Te Henga


Steve Lawton;Wave Goodbye to Daddy


Breen Porter;Train Waiting
Michael Yalland;Protest Yalland
Dae Hee Lee;Twlight
Aroha Awarau;What's in the fridge?
Alani Stunzner;Groceries
Amanda Reelick;Dreamer
Jay McEneaney;Starlight at Northhead
Cheryl Myers;Bags of bargains
Bryan Lowe;Circles of Culture
Malcolm McNeill;Devonport
Donna Sarten;Bernie Harfleet Artist in his Studio Working Late in to the Night
Eleanor Gannon;Reflection
Hannah Andersen;Water in the Winter
Judy Bell;New Hats
Kerry Marinkovich;Abstract Autumn Architecture
Katherine Rawson;Autumn Leaves
Martin Read;Training for the fight
Mitchell Round;It's a New Day
Alix Coleman;Off to Cats
Carmen Castano;Rendevouz
Paul Smith;nightrider
Roxanne Kotze;City Siblings
Steven Matthews;Liliana running at night
Sou Muy Ly;'Ma'
Steve Pettigrew;Spaghetti junction
Sharon Topliss;The Round Ball Game
Phillipa Karn;King and Queen of Waiheke High School Prom
Stephen Weeks;weeeeeee!

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