Sylvie Boutelje Chasteau;Youth Is Wasted On The Young
Ho Hai Tran;Burnt to Death
James Yang;Jump Street
Mirjam van Sabben;Fortified Peace
Fiona Kelly;sisters
Dave Milne;Chapter Four
Rachel Walker;Riding on a Rainy Day
Malcolm McNeill;Winter Sea
Malcolm McNeill;Beach Exercises
Alix Coleman;Waiting outside the supermarket
Alix Coleman;Spider Max
Alix Coleman;No reception
Lee Pike;Olympic Effort
Ross Hamilton;Grumpy Dog on Franklin Road (in Stereoscopic 3D!)
Zahn Trotter;Taking A Break
Philip Charlton;AUTUMN
Dave Barker;
Georga Forgac;icystream
L J Pratt;Nikau on centre stage
Kate Hargis;Under the Bridge
Phillipa Karn;up comes the hangi
Alex Edney Browne;Reflections
Deanne McKinstrie;Starting Young
Katrena DOREEN;In Safe Hands
Youth Is Wasted On The Young By Sylvie Boutelje Chasteau
Rachel Walker;Taking in the View
Carmen Castaño Mendez;That bliss moment
Georgi Turner;Composition: Bus,Safety Strip and Tights
Amanda Yang;Bed Time
Lynette McKinstrie;Windswept

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