Lee Copas;Don't Worry Be Happy
Karen Larsen;A Day In Bed
Angela Taft;Chasing The Birds
Ian Rushton;Taking In The View
Ashley Koo;The Visit
Joanna Walker;The Whole World In My Hand
Bernadette Fastnedge;Morning Bath
Lynley Mitchell;Concentration
Hanna Han;Tottering
Emily May;Night Out In Auckland
Albert Ng;Family Photo Day
Bryan Lay Yee;Scottish Dancers
Colete Rhodes;Wearing With Pride
Danilo Dijamco;Youth For World Peace
Eli Shaul;Together
Jagriti Tank;Music Of Life
Jazmin Cullen;Flying
Jennifer Carol;Sisters
John McKelvie;Queen Street Busker
Jordan Lee;Midnight
Junsong An;The Urban Scene Through The Eyes Of The Fish
Katherine Norman;Slip Sliding Away
Liz Hardley;Hard Run
Lynley Mitchell;Reflections Of The Day
Michael Freeman;Connections
Mirjam Van Sabben;Motat Madness ; On A Free Fare For All Day
Mirjam Van Sabben;One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind
Natalee Tan;Cereal Any Time
Steven Arendt;City Lovers
Vincent Palma Gil;Advocates For Peace

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