Dave Barker;time for a fag


Katie Quinney;rugby people


Chris van Ryn;Lazyboy Time
Arun Sarasakshan Pillai;walking into the past
Ben Crowle;Curious One
Jasmin Cullen;Water babies
Hamid Alhasni;Under my Spell
Groo Lee;I have a fear of heights
Jeff Hewson;Bouncing Ball
Edwin Leung;Texting in Black and White
Mike Wheelton;Freedom Camping Auckland Style
Mina Melsom;Our Home is Your Home
Mirjam van Sabben;Through Fire and Water for You
Shelley Wood;Going Home
Peter Burge;Untitled
Warren Herbert;Why The Hurry?
Peter Rees;Eva and Theo: Play
Rebecca Walton Hannay;Grass sliding at North Head
Tim Morris;Saturday night rugby
Young Kwon;Relax
Shunmei Deng;The Light of the Home
Diane Kallio;Open all hours
Lorraine Milne;Auckland Not in Service
Breen A D Porter;Two Feet Waiting
Carol Hall;Grown ups have time to play
Jennifer Caro;neighbourhood watch
Maris O'Rourke;Thru the Gate
Samuel Kwan;Making angel in leaves
Charlie Wang;My Sky
Michelle Vergel de Dios;Here. Us. Now.

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