Sora Joseph Waningsinggel;Waka Race at Takapuna Beach
Brooke Waterson;Winter Swim
Dustin McNeilage;Victor
Ajay Murthy;Food is the Window to a Culture
Alice Howes;Washing day at 2/38
Alicia Lu Lin;
Ange Taft;And the winner is…
Bernie Harfleet;Give a Kid a Blanket
Claire Ben Ari;Early morning art
Claire Ben Ari;Saturday Night Movie
Dave Barker;Rain squall over the Waitemata
Dustin McNeilage;Falun Dafa Meditation
Dustin McNeilage;City Limbo
Grace Hoskins;The Virtual Chase
Jade Petry;Barber Artist
Jana Luo;Be together
John McKillop;Million Dollar Sunset
Joseph Bevan;Smoko
Linda Koloni;Child's Play
Liz Hardley;Waiting for the Start
Maria Williamson;Balancing Act
Michelle Vergel de Dios;In My Father's Arms
Mirjam van Sabben;One Last Ride
Nazar Abbas;Diversity
Roy cernohorsky;City Skyline
Roy cernohorsky;City Street Chaos
Sean Yi;Diving on Edge of Winter
Talya Ben Ari;Day of rest
Weichen Jiang;Crossed rainbows

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