Nick Depree;Celebration


Gail Orgais;Cuppa Tea in the Sun


Susan Park;Earlybird
Abou Zakham;Sandra   Auckland's Happiness
Aimee Glucina;Steam Bomb
Alvin Sarmiento;Look What I Have
Arun Sarasakshan;Bubble Maker
Bernadette Fastnedge;Girl On A Swing
Brenna Gotje;Saturday Sleep In
Dokyum Kim;Who is Taller
Dustin McNeilage;Mercy and her kids
Ed Semeros;Nice Shot!
Gao Tao;Early bird walking on beach
Grant Taylor;Love the French in Auckland
hong wang;A street old man
Jeff Hewson;Late for work
Jennifer Carol;Friendship
Kavinesh Kumar;On The Rocks
Laura Luet;Safer communities together
Manon Fleurentin;Untitled
Marissa Schmidt;Team
Martin Jonathan;Piha Run
Mike Tarno;Contrast
Mina Sabour;Golden light through the olive and banana leaves
rosie parry;a winner luck
Steven Matthews;Flying Towards the Target
Suzanne Wilkinson;Fish with Man
Tony Dunn;Maungakiekie
Wesley Douglas Lapointe;Harbour Bridge Cavern
Wesley Douglas Lapointe;Sky Scooter

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