Neil Ihaia;Sleeping with my mate..


Steve Pettigrew;Youth, yet to be entertained.


Manon Fleurentin;Inside out
Vincent Maberly Tucker;The squall
Alvin Sarmiento;The Vendor;Highly Commended
Delwyn Barnett;into the light on a blustery winters day
Fiona Kelly;Early Start
Gaby Suhl;Take me anywhere
Ilaisaane Marie 'Asi;Bader Dr
Sai Nandhan;It will be a family decision...
Tonith Gabutan;Work In Progress;Highly Commended
Roy Cernohorsky;life on the street
Lambert Anthony Laluz;Luminance
Malcolm McNeill;Muriwai
Fiona Kelly;Early
Jin Park;commuting to work
Laurie Pearce;Singing for his dinner.....well ingredients
Roy Cernohorsky;men at work
Katherine Norman;Getting ready for Soccer.
Hugh Jones;The loneliest of the distance swimmer
Hanwei Xie;Where you go, there are home
Lawrence Huynh;Late Afternoon Jog
Ceara O'Flaherty;Warriors vs Storm
Debbie Carthew;Sideliners
Faith Tan;Cut In Half
Jin Park;earlybirds
Katherine Norman;After the Game
Manon Fleurentin;Raining outside
Dennis Rundle;No matter the weather
Marissa Schmidt;Morning Training

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