Peoples Choice

People's Choice Winner of the 2020 Nikon Auckland Photo Day:

Online voting in the Nikon Auckland Photo Day People’s Choice category has seen Argentinian Hernan Grabarnik’s 'Wall of Shame' image win this year’s competition with most valid votes. The photograph features the Black Lives Matter protest slogan, “No guns 4 pigs” and its selection coincides with Black Lives Matter protests internationally, including in New Zealand. Hernan says he is delighted this political protest image was supported by the judges in the Top 30 and has won the Nikon D5600 single lens camera prize by public vote.

Hernan Grabarnik; Wall of Shame

Alan Golder Disposed Throne 3
Alan J Burke ABurke Light Hearted
Alex Stammers Helping Grandad 2 GOG
Alvin Sarmiento ANS 1558
Andrea Wake Expert Analysis
Anna Song A23A2202 3
Anna Song A23A2209 3
Arash Barzin AB Entry 001
Arienne Wills 20200605 225654641 IOS
Arun S Pillai DSCF5005 1
Athena Rhodes Orchard Leavedrops Two Small June 2020
Bernadette Fastnedge BFastnedgeShaggyDog
Bin Bai Arrow On The String
Bin Bai Before Departure
Chloe Belli Muriwai Washing Machine
Cindy Baxter IMG 6964
Claire Howard Orewa Beach Man Walking
Clint Schubert Clint Schubert Open For Business
Clint Schubert Clint Schubert  Seeking Human Kindness
Cyril Bas Final CSBas0518
David Prentice Wynyard Relections Number Two
David Wang DSC04511 Resized
David Wang DSC04761 Resized
Edward Adam ED3 9532b
Ella Carol ECarol Youth
Emily CatoSymonds Emily Cato Symonds Bubble
Fabio Cordeiro Negrao Inbound6308460425303246930
Fabio Cordeiro Negrao Inbound7881303566201090503
Fiona Kelly Beach Walk IMG 20200606 163554600
Gao Tao GaoTaoGreeting
Goina DSC 8577lowres
Goina DSC 8605lowres
Guohua Wu Warm Home
Heidi Xu TimeToSave
Hernan Grabarnik Wall Of Shame
Honglin Xu DancingBird
Honglin Xu OneWorld
Hyekyeong Choi DSC5723
Hyekyeong Choi DSC5736
Israel M Vinuya Strawberry Moon
Jabir Hussain Palliyalil JabirLetsRoll
Jane Blackmore 8B22A033 BFC6 48B8 9626 2022AE62AC97
Jean Christophe Varnier JCV1
Jean Christophe Varnier JCV2
Jean Christophe Varnier JCV3
Jean Pierre Guillotin DSC 3855
Jeff Hewson JHewsonconcentration
Jeff Hewson JHewsonpaddler
Jennifer Carol JCarol Connection 1
Jerald Yutaka Chan DSC00472

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