Paul Taylor;Saturday


Aimee Glucina;Half Time


Jordan McFall;Passing Time
Katherine Norman;Dad gets a moustache trim
Simon Runting;A pied shag taking off at dawn
Xiao Bin Wang;Chinese Dragon Boat Festival
Steve Pettigrew;Skill and bravado in equal measure
Jong Koo Lee;Early morning
Sammie Nguyen;The cloud
Xiaoyang Qin;Travel in 2021
Zhen Yang;Barber of the Day
hyekyeong choi;Isolation3
Ivy Sarmmiento;Give Me A Big Smile
Aaqif Jagirdar;Hop On
Craig Rogers;Fish of the day
Simon Runting;A New Zealand dotterel in dawn light
Anna Song;Let's go to the sea world
Poh Leong Koh;Dog walking smoko break
Jabir HUssain Palliyalil;Good Times
John Sprague; The new normal
Jordan McFall; Isolated
Jennifer Kim;Let's Play
Cody James Carlson;A Special Kind of Happy  Giving joy, giving support, giving back
Thomas Hamill;One Boy's Flag
Bernie Harfleet;Knitting together a Community
Jennifer Carol;Sprinkles
Zhen Yang;Misty Morning
Scott Cushman;Last man riding.
Jack Xu;Lion Rock under the stars
Brenna Gotje;Maia and her yellow balloon

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